UNI-GR1 meets every need, from surveying to data processing

Every construction job is different. Whether you lay a new road or reconstruct an existing one, work on soil remediation, or are in the business of sewerage – every job has its own identity and characteristics. What to think of working with multiple parties in a job-specific partnership, relying on others to prepare the job for you, and those tight budgets and planning we all know too well. Know you can always trust factual and recent data to give you the headstart you get moving and the motivation to keep going.

Use the possibilities of digital surveying with UNI-Complete offers with every surface you come across. Work with centimetre accurate data to prepare, execute, and evaluate every construction job you perform. 

In case you do not know yet, centimetre accurate data consists of every point, line, or polygon of a certain location. Those that already exist or the ones you want to add to that location. CM accurate data allows for detailed planning or proposals, which helps with the overall communications of a project.

Do you need to make some changes to the data or create new points, even after you left the location? You can simply survey again and add the new points, lines, or polygons to the existing information and send it to the office using UNI-Cloud.

These companies are already constructing survey data

Jac. Barendregt

This family business uses their UNI-GR1 for the total package they offer their customers: including main and subcontracting of ground, road and hydraulic engineering projects.



D&G Glasvezeltechniek

Uses their UNI-GR1 for, fibre optics. From creating single fiber optic connections of a home or business to the realization of the complete fiber optic network of an industrial estate or residential area.

W. Hendriks

Performs jobs mostly in ground and road construction. With clients varying from municipalities, housing associations, companies, to business, centimetre accurate data is a must.




Forteck uses their UNI-GR1 for lots of jobs, including engineering, project management, above and underground infrastructure, and paving asphalt.

H. Kuijpers

Groundworks, infrastructure, demolition works, (ornamental) paving. The UNI-GR1 provides these specialists with all centimetre accurate data they need. 

Scholman Infra

Active in construction and maintenance of underground infrastructure, the UNI-GR1 helps them perform their job precisely.

Van Gelder Telecom

Centimetre accurate data surveyed with a UNI-GR1. This all-round contractor works in all disciplines for the above and underground infrastructure with their receiver.

Siers Groep

Uses their UNI-GR1 with services for underground infrastructure in the Netherlands. Gas, water, electricity, telecom and heat: from small to large and very varying in complexity.


X-Y-Z coordinates

Discover the benefits of measuring and performing stakeouts of important coordinates using GPS. Survey points, lines, and polygons on X-Y-Z coordinates and know exactly the depth of a manhole, where a road is laid, or where a new water infrastructure should be created for optimal result.

Universal and precise

All UNI-Solutions are universal and precise. They provide you with all the centimetre accurate data you need with every surveying job. Due to its universal nature, you decide how you survey best. Integrate UNI-GR1 position or project data directly into your own software using the UNI-Cloud API or connect to your preferred app. That's how you create your ultimate surveying experience.

Bring data from indoor to outdoor in no-time

UNI-Cloud is the online platform for all your surveying work and data storage. You can generate data on location and your colleague(s) can review immediately and while working at the (home) office. Reviewing has never been this easy!

UNI-Complete to start surveying immediately


The most universal GNSS receiver available on the market. Receiving GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZNSS, and SBAS to get your position fixed with ease and survey precise data.


The most easy surveying software available for everyone who works in construction. UNI-Connect works on any device with a browser and WiFi and lets you survey and stake-out quickly.


Gets your data from location to your (home) office in realtime. Connects to the UNI-Cloud API and gives you remote and phone support, when you have a question.

UNI-RTK Premium

With hundreds of base stations located worldwide, UNI-RTK Premium gets you the CM accurate correction data you need during preparation, execution, and evaluation.

Pole, Tablet & Mount

The accessories to keep you working comfortably: a weatherproof Android tablet to generate data under all weather conditions, a two-meter carbon fibre survey pole, and mount for your tablet.

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