UNI-Complete gives you all you need to start surveying tomorrow

Anyone can survey with centimetre accuracy

Survey anything you want

Survey trees, pipes, roads, markings, cables or much more. In layers with names you like and store points, lines, polygons or arcs with or without attributes. Everything with centimetre accuracy.

Easy Stake-outs

Just tick the point you want to stake-out on the map and follow the directions. Getting close? Aim one circle in to another and mark the spot. It's easy like a game!

Your data in local coordinates

Import and export your data in your desired format. From complete 3D drawing AutoCAD files to all details in a CSV export. In local or global coordinates, directly to the office with the UNI-Cloud.

Everything you need at a fair price

UNI-Complete is the all-in package containing all products you need to perform everything you see on this page and much more! At a fair price, you get all you need for € 4995,- ex. VAT.

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UNI-Complete includes everything we have


The most universal GNSS receiver. Receiving GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZNSS and SBAS to get yor position fix with ease.


The most easy surveying software, working on any device with a browser and WiFi let's you survey and stake-out like a game.


Gets your data from and to the field in no time. Connects to the UNI-Cloud API and gives you remote and phone support.

UNI-RTK Premium

With hundreds of base stations all over the world, UNI-RTK Premium will get you all your CM accurate correction data.

Pole, Tablet & Mount

The basics to get you going, a weatherproof android tablet, two meter carbon fibre survey pole and mount for the tablet.

Are you ready to start surveying this week?

Simply order UNI-Complete for € 4995,- and start working

Easy, simple and intuitive. Everyone can make it work.

Everything you need to start surveying with centimetre accuracy! It includes the UNI-GR1, UNI-Cloud & Support, UNI-RTK Premium and an Android tablet, pole and mount.

The all-in UNI-Complete package is priced at € 4995,- ex. VAT and includes everything you need to start surveying this week.

After the first year, only the yearly subscription cost of the UNI-Cloud and UNI-RTK Premium will return at € 750,- per year each.

Unless you don’t want to use UNI-Cloud & UNI-RTK Premium anymore, as you are free to cancel the renewal beforehand.

Yes you can! 

The UNI-Complete package is just here to make your life easy, however you can purchase our products stand-alone as well.

Upon payment we will prepare your UNI-Complete package, create your accounts and set-up the device ready to work.

Once ready, we will ship your package by UPS to your shipping address where you will receive a ready-to-go UNI-Complete package. 

Simply turn on the UNI-GR1, create your project settings, layer and project and start surveying!

Of course, all detailed instructions come in the box and if you have any questions, just call UNI-Support and they will guide you through! 

No, you don’t need a special training in order to work with the UNI-Complete package. With intuitive software, everyone can start surveying easily without training. However, in case you would like to get some training; you are always welcome at one of our crash courses surveying or you can discuss training on location with one of our account managers!

Want to see how it works in real life?

This is how our clients use UNI-Complete

''As a company, we are very impressed with the device and it meets the required conditions. In Suriname we use the UNI-GR1 on a daily basis and it works perfectly fine! Our people no longer have to work with expensive equipment outside and we can immediately enter the measured values for the customer. In addition, the good price also gives us more opportunities to invest more."
Dentinus international
Benito Naarden
''Using the stake-out function saves a lot of time and goes a lot faster then we were used to. Points and lines load quickly and the the fact that it's so easy-to-use is also a big plus. Among other things, we use the UNI-GR1 for baseline measurements, overhaul construction work and for all kinds of construction-ready work, such as sewer construction work. We are very satisfied with the UNI-GR1.''
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Quintin Angus
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Jillie Tempest