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Noldor Net Networking uses digital surveying to measure fibre optics in Germany

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Centimetre accurate data works perfectly with indicating pipes and cables on a map. Spanish-based Noldor Net Networking has quite recently chosen for digital surveying with our UNI-GR1 and UNI-Solutions and uses those to measure fibre in Germany. Owner Franz Löhnert tells us more.

More than 300.000 addresses

“We are a planning company for fibre optics. We have serviced more than 300.000 addresses in over 1,000 towns in Germany. For us, it’s necessary to survey in order to have an exact location of what has been build, will be build, and what has been realized in an earlier stage. We need to know all that information, because our clients need to know.

We have customers in the solar business among others. This is quite a challenging market because it changes rapidly. We work on and for solar parks in Spain and India, as well as designing networks when there’s a transition from copper to fibre. To help them best, we’re expanding our services to a full 360 degrees package, including digital surveying. Digital surveying is a new service we are offering our customers. We didn’t have any German contacts who could do this for us, so we started to think about offering this as an in-house service. That’s why I started looking for hard- and software to help us with that.”

Finding solutions on Google

“The company that we are consulting for is growing very fast. They have been doing a lot of construction last year and not all of that has been documented as expected. They have a need to make this more accurate. We had the idea to remeasure all of the work and therefore, needed a solution that was fast, easy, and not to heavy to transport. There’s about 2,000 kilometres to document, so it’s going to be a lot.”

I found marXact via Google. I was looking for solutions and found a long list. I was evaluating all of them. First were the reviews that I found and that interested me, second was price, and third was the number of solutions. What does this company offer besides the machinery? marXact’s product is in the middle when it comes to price range, but for service at the top. I shopped online and just bought it, that process went smoothly and so was using it. I booked a training after my online purchase, to get my team fully up to speed and accustomed to the hard- and software. We were digital surveying ourselves the day after the delivery came, but I figured we could improve with some tips and tricks from marXact.”

Time and training

Rody Duisters provided Franz with that on-site training in Germany: “When I got down to Germany, I’ve learned rather quickly that the team got the basics down already. They knew how to measure a point, line, or polygon, and figured that out by themselves. I’ve shown them how the data import and export could improve their specific workflow, for instance. I think our solutions speak for themselves, we pride ourselves in creating hard- and software that are easy to use for anyone who knows how to use a smartphone. Franz and Noldor Net Networking are living proof of that, they’ve made surveying a daily task now.”

“We have surveyed about 60 kms for our customer(s) so far, 10 in the first month and the other 50 in the second. All of this is done by just one guy! We’re making great progress and our experiences have been great. Geospatial systems like this one, make project planning and execution that easy. Our measurements are included in the software immediately, in layers that we’ve created and correspond with our need.”

Service and support

Löhnert: “The level of support coming from marXact, has been impeccable. There’s lots of information available, whether its in the knowledge base or in a blog or customer case. That accounts for the support team as well, they have been very helpful over the phone when we call with an issue. It’s outstanding.”

The plan is to continue measuring those 2,000 kilometres and in the future, to continue with those fibre optics that are being constructed right now. Our customers know they can count on us for service and support during all steps of these processes. We can count on marXact, that works perfectly.”


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