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Digital surveying for André Rieu, Euro Tec does it yearly

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Dutch Euro Tec supplies temporary floor systems and festival chairs for events. One of those recurring assignments, are the Vrijthof concerts by Dutch violinist André Rieu and his orchestra. A special kind of job where digital surveying plays a role during the preparation and implementation. Time to learn more about this special combination!

Relieving organizers

“We now have over 25 years of experience in realizing different types of floor systems for infrastructure and public events, for the latter we can also supply chairs with different properties. As a result, we relieve festival organizers who already have to think about lots of things, we take over a number of their tasks. This literally creates a reliable and solid foundation for events. We do this for events in, among others, the stadiums of Feyenoord, Roda JC, and the Johan Cruijff Arena”, explains Euro Tec owner Hans Steiner.

One of those events are the André Rieu concerts at ‘t Vrijthof in Maastricht, for which Euro Tec provides the seating. “We have been doing this since the very first edition in 2005. In total, we place more than 8,000 seats where guests can sit comfortably and therefore, really enjoy the concert each year. We also provide these folding chairs with seat and row labels, so that guests can find their seat quickly. We are always looking for new possibilities in order to become faster and more precise. That is how we chose for marXact and digital surveying.”

Infra Relatiedagen

Hans: “We first encountered marXact at the Infra Relatiedagen fair, where we walked past their stand. Here we got into a conversation and we explained our question. We then planned a demonstration on location. Mustafa came to ‘t Vrijthof to explain how digital surveying works at a location that suits our projects. Then I tried it myself and it’s actually as easy as A-B-C.

Existing points and markings are often present at locations such as ‘t Vrijthof, but you want to prevent that you can no longer find them. This is already possible because such a visual marking gets removed. With this system, you also have the option to have such landmarks digitally with you, which is very handy!”

Using over and over again

marXact’s Mustafa Cakiroglu: “What I like about this project and about Euro Tec is that they are going to use their data over and over again. André Rieu plays at ‘t Vrijthof every year and chairs are needed every time. You will use the surveyed points that serve as a reference this year, and again next year. The square does not change, a huge fountain is not suddenly added. By measuring ‘t Vrijthof and existing elements, you know how to build the rows and create seats with each new edition.

That is just one of the possibilities available to companies in the festival industry. By doing so, you can also map out a site easily, draw up your desired floor plan, and add that to your permit application, for example. This actually applies to indicating emergency exits or a first-aid post too, you can make both the preparation and evaluation of an event so much easier!”

Non-binding demonstration

Do you want to prepare, implement, and evaluate your next event or festival as smoothly as possible too? Book a non-binding demonstration on location! Mustafa: “I am more than happy to come visit and introduce digital surveying to you. Where and when do we see each other?”


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