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The most easy and intuitive survey software

Store points, lines, arcs, polygons as if it’s a game. Stake out your work easier than before and send your data to the office in a matter of seconds. Many formats and local coordinates possible.

UNI-Connect is the most user-friendly survey software working on any device. It comes with automatic updates, free of charge. Adding more features every week.

UNI-Connect comes for free with the UNI-GR2

Get the UNI-Complete package and start working this week

Draw any shape

Simply select whether you want to survey a point, polyline, polygon or arc and hit the + button to draw it.

Create offset lines

Click any measured shape with the tip of your finger and create the same shape with an offset in any direction. Normal, flipped or even double if you like.

Vertical project overview labels

Work in local coordinates

At the start of a project, you simply select in which coordinate system you want to work and UNI-Connect handles the rest.

Always with CM accuracy

Make sure your results are never off. Set a minimum accuracy and positioning solution to make sure you can't store a point with bad accuracy.

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UNI-Connect can be used for any application in any market


CM Accurate
X,Y,Z 3D Data
Points, Polylines, Polygons
Length, Surface, Perimeters
Ground control points
Layers & Attributes
Location and Height Control


Points, Polylines, Polygons
Complete Building, Road, Water, Infra Designs
Manual Coordinates
Point lists
Design Drawing Control

Design & As-Built

AutoCAD Drawings
CSV Reports
Open & amend design DXF
Design vs As-Built in field
Mix & Match
Measure new situation
Draw in the field

Any Discipline

Infra & construction
Water & Land
Roads & Waterways
Sewers, Telecom, Utility
Land, Gardens, Trees


Mounted on a vehicle
Mounted on machine or UAV
Provide RTK base for Drones
Machine Control
Automatic Measuring
Measure areas fast

New features every other week

Get access to the changelog with all new feature updates

Easy stakeouts with a map

No more guessing where you are. With OpenStreetMap as a decent base layer, you easily navigate to the points you need to stake out.

Find your own points

Simply import your own AutoCAD drawing, CSV point file or enter points manually, select them on the map and get going. UNI-Connect will guide you to the point with CM accuracy.

Horizontal and vertical

Showing exactly where you are and how far you are from your point both horizontally as well as vertically. You can be completely sure of the right X-Y-Z position when you are done.

Stakeout sidebar

Turn your surveying work into an as-built drawing automatically

Attributes UNI-connect layers

Exactly how you want to see it in the data’s final destination; in layers.

Keeping in mind how AutoCAD, GIS, BIM or other geographic data is stored, you record your points, lines, polygons or arcs in completely custom layers and attributes. 

Want to survey cables? Create a layer called “Cable” with attributes such as “Type” to store whether it’s Electricity or Water, “Diameter” for the dimensions or any other thing you can imagine.

Surveying Trees? Store them in a self-made layer called “Trees”, collect attributes such as “Species” and “State” to get going.

No matter what you think of, you can survey it and structure it how you want.

No, you don’t, that’s the beauty of UNI-Connect! 

Simply create layers with names you can recognise, use shapes like point, line, polygon or arc when you store data and your data is ready at export.

However, if you want to use surveying codes, you still can! You just don’t need to.

If you set-up your layers and attributes right, the answer is no! 

Doing it right, you get a ready to use AutoCAD drawing which you don’t necessarily need to mark-up.


Easy, with the click of the button you can send AutoCAD DXF, CSV or PDF exports of your project to the UNI-Cloud.

From the UNI-Cloud you can view, manage and download all your data in the office. Or forward it to your client.

Without the UNI-Cloud, you can store your data as a CSV export on the MicroSD Card in the UNI-GR1.

In the coordinate format you choose to work in! 

UNI-Connect supports more and more local coordinate formats such as WGS84, UTM, RD, Lambert and more.

To check out the latest list scroll up and fill in your details for the latest changelog! 

Download an example of what your surveying data would look like

Control the UNI-GR2 from any device

Apart from being the most easy survey tool out there, UNI-Connect functions as a controller for the UNI-GR2. It is also the most easy controller you have ever seen for an RTK GNSS Receiver.

With intuitive and easy to understand wizards, clear instructions and a comfortable feel, you set-up the UNI-GR2 as a base easily, change the position output to Bluetooth, get RINEX logs, change your correction provider and much more!


Project Sample Download

Please fill in your details and click send to be redirected to the download page of the AutoCAD Drawing, CSV File or PDF Report example of your survey data.

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