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The entire production of our UNI-solutions is based in the Netherlands. From the UNI-GR2 hardware to the continuous development of the UNI-Cloud and UNI-Connect software. We gladly tell you how that affects your centimetre accurate data positively.

Choosing for Made in Holland

When marXact was founded in 2017, we made a conscious decision to develop and produce all of our products in the Netherlands. It did not matter if it was hardware or software, we wanted our products to be closeby and Made in Holland. We Dutchies are known for a great value for money, customers can have faith in that.

We have an in-house and international development team working tirelessly on providing you with the best UNI-Solutions, so you digital survey best. They are working from our office in Hilversum, located in the centre of the country. Having our own team developing hardware and software guarantees a fast development and implementation of new ideas and suggestions, perhaps even yours!

Choosing a production facility near us for hardware manufacturing, was the next step.

Production of hardware

All UNI-GR2s are produced in our production facility in Rotterdam, not that far from our headquarters. We work closely together with a production partner specializing technical orientated products, what our digital receivers definitely are.

Having a partner closeby, benefits our business perhaps more than yours. This reduces costs and production time and allows for us to provide you with the best technical equipment to digital survey. Learn more about the production process by watching the video.

Benefiting from our production

Producing the UNI-Solutions in the Netherlands has lots of benefits, and that’s great! But what do they mean for users, how do they help yóu? These benefits include

  • A fast production process, so you receive you’re brand-new UNI-GR2 in no time
  • The possibility to improve the UNI-solutions continuously and with your suggestions
  • A great value for money, we Dutch people know all about that
  • The possibility to pick up your order at our office
  • UNI-Support. Having our experts this closeby, means we can provide you with the best support with each question you have. Related to production, service, support, and what more.

And this is what the production process leads to!

More information about our products?

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