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Digital survey every garden with centimetre accuracy

Every garden design is different and not only when it comes to plants and pots. Gardens and outdoor areas have different sizes, purposes, and a surprising angle might make designing and construction work a bit more challenging for gardeners and other outdoor specialists. This adds more creativity to the process as well.

Use the possibilities of digital surveying with UNI-Complete to measure the precise surface of the grounds you’re working with. Make sure to work with centimetre accurate data that allow for the best preparation, execution, and evaluation of every job you perform.

Centimetre accurate data consists of every point, line, or polygon of a garden or outdoor area – the ones that already exist and those to come. This makes your proposal towards customers as specific as possible, while simultaneously gives you insight into how many plants, pots, cobblestones, (artificial) grass, and other items you have to purchase to create that tailor-made ‘wow!’ effect. With every job you again and whatever your need for digital surveying might be.

Do you need to make some adjustments or new points afterwards? Simply survey again and export the new data to the office in a few clicks using UNI-Cloud.


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Surveying with UNI-Complete

Earning back your UNI-Complete investment is easy. Based on that €4995 and two years of UNI-Cloud and RTK-Premium and 45 workweeks, you see what digital surveying can cost you. Yes, we say ‘can’. There are other costs as travel fare and salary involved,and we calculate with 45 weeks per year due to holidays and days off. We have the cost per bush or tree here, but have more calculations -such as cost per meter of articifical grass- and an in-depth explanation in this blog.

Surveying 8 hours, per workday€11.84 per day320 trees€0.04 per tree
Surveying 1 hour, per workday€11.84 per day40 trees€0.30 per tree
Surveying 1 hour, per week€59.22 per week40 trees€1.48 per tree
Surveying 1 hour, per 2 weeks€118.44 per 2 weeks40 trees€2.96 per tree
Surveying 1 hour, per month€222.08 per month40 trees€5.55 per tree

These companies are already reaping the benefits


Kruse Groep

Uses the UNI-GR1 for all kinds of activities regarding (environmental) groundwork, as well as road and hydraulic engineering.

Hoveniersbedrijf Van Antwerpen

This landscaping company mainly uses their device to measure gardens and property boundaries.

Hemmer Groen

Relies on digitally surveyed data for the construction of gardens, (ornamental) paving, and ground works.

Van der Linden Tuin- en Landschapsarchitectuur

Provides design and necessary advice for all sorts of landscaping and maintenance projects, using their UNI-GR1 for accurate data.

Guy Wolfs Hoveniersbedrijf

Uses their UNI-GR1 to survey larger and/or difficult gardens and designs, to learn about its straightness.

Hoveniersbedrijf Curatio

Rely on their UNI-GR1 for tailor-made advice, designs, and construction of gardens.

Outline your framework

Know exactly what you're working with by digital surveying every border on the surface. Pre-existing and those you want to add. Boundaries, stone paths, grass surfaces, and more. Outline the framework for your activities to the level of centimetre accuracy and become as precise as possible.

As precise as possible

What all outdoor area work has in common, is that precision and attention to detail are important. Will the fence be placed exactly on the boundary of the property and will there be exactly enough sand dug-out to make a new pond? You're the go-to person for these clear answers.

Bring data from indoor to outdoor in no-time

UNI-Cloud is the online platform for all your surveying work, which you can access from any preferred location: home, office, or work van. Upload your surveyed points to UNI-Cloud immediately, so they’re ready for review while you’re still on-site. Export to your preferred extension easily: CSV, DXF, or software like Drawyourgarden and others.

UNI-Complete to start immediately


The most universal GNSS receiver. Receiving GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZNSS, and SBAS to get your position fixed with ease and survey precise data.


The most easy surveying software available for every gardener or outdoor area professional. UNI-Connect works on any device with a browser and WiFi and lets you survey and stake-out like it's a game.


Gets your data from indoor to outdoor and vice versa in no time. Connects to the UNI-Cloud API and gives you remote and phone support, if needed.

UNI-RTK Premium

With hundreds of base stations all over the world, UNI-RTK Premium gets you all your CM accurate correction data for detailed designs, proposals, and all other tasks.

Pole, Tablet & Mount

The basics to get you going: a weatherproof Android tablet to keep working through all weather changes, two-meter carbon fibre survey pole, and mount for the tablet.

UNI-GR1 op meetstok

Tommy tells you how to digital survey your jobs

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