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Ten extra UNI-GR1s and more digital surveying for Verkley

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Our colleague Jürgen Everts brought ten new UNI-GR1 digital receivers to Verkley BV in Drachten a few weeks ago. Not long after purchasing their first two devices, the demand for more pieces arose from these specialists in cables and pipes. We asked Robert Atanasov about his first experiences, the choice of extra receivers, and what influence digital surveying has on their work processes.

Precise in pipes and cables

Verkley is an underground infrastructure company, active in cables and pipelines. From laying and mounting to testing and preparing for commissioning. “You can think of all kinds of cables and pipes, including electricity, gas, and water, but also telecom and public lighting. We do this for network companies of course, but also for industrial companies and the government. They need cables and pipelines that are laid underground properly and safely, that are easy to find and that cause as little nuisance as possible for local residents and neighbouring businesses,” says Robert.

Meeting demands

Together with A. Hak and Baas, Verkley forms the contractor combination CCN. “That stands for Combi Combinatie Noord. In the coming years, we will jointly carry out a tender for Liander and Vitens and ensure that the networks in our area are connected, cleaned up, and adapted.” Winning this tender had to meet predetermined conditions, including in the field of digital surveying. “These were requirements that we as a combination must adhere to, so we did the necessary preliminary and research work together. Just like Baas, we ended up at marXact, that choice was made quickly by us.”

The research work consisted of several phases, says Robert. “The Verkley surveyors use poles from another supplier, so we knew what to expect in terms of accuracy and quality. Also in terms of ease of use. However, this comes with a hefty price tag, so we cannot equip every team with this, because the volume and number of house connections are too high for that. We started looking online and compared providers, and found out what fits our current equipment. That was marXact and they stood out from a price point of view as well. We bought two sets for the construction industry with which service management teams could test. Well, there were some minor teething problem and some missing knowledge in the beginning, but that didn’t last very long. We have opted for even more sets around the summer holidays, so that we can equip even more teams.”

Digital surveying immediately

“Initially, digital surveying was a requirement for us of course, but that does not alter the fact that it is extremely useful too. Our operational teams are responsible for revision work, what has actually been carried out and laid in the ground? We can map that out so nicely. This used to be done with a tape measure or laser rangefinder where we took a corner in the building as a fixed point, but that is no longer necessary. Now we can go faster and further in the field. That makes our work a lot easier and more efficient.”


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