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Let us show you how it works!

After going over our website and products, we can completely understand you want a demonstration to see how it works. We are more than happy to help you get in to the action, we have multiple possibilities. Online with a video call or live in person, at our offices, or at a location of your choice. And are you already a customer, but is your new colleague going to use the UNI-Gr1? Several demo and training possibilities are listed on this page, just pick the one that suits you!

Not sure what’s best? Just send us an email at or give us a call at +31 70 700 7917.

Taste a bit of the action

Are you ready to see the UNI-GR1 in action? Experience first-hand how digital surveying easily makes you more productive and efficient. We offer live demonstrations in Belgium and the Netherlands. During this roughly 60-minute demo on location, you’ll learn how the UNI-GR1 receiver works with our UNI-Connect survey tool, before surveying and staking out yourself. You can count on the knowledge of our experts for advice on how our UNI-GR1 works best with your surveying needs. After the demo, you will even be able to work stand-alone with the UNI.

Want to book an in-person demo in The Netherlands or Belgium? Just click the on-site button of Mustafa or Jürgen to schedule it directly. Want to have an online demo? Nick is your guy! 

Not sure or just have a question? Reach out to us first!

Demo Drinks Buiten UNI-GR1


Located within Belgium or the Netherlands and related to a (semi-) government agency or educational institute? Jürgen’s your guy! 

Profile photo Nick Raimond


Located outside Belgium or the Netherlands or simply interested in an online demo? Schedule your online demo with Nick here!

Profile photo Mustafa Cakiroglu


Located in Belgium or the Netherlands? Plan an onsite demo with Mustafa, to learn how digital surveying strengthens your business easily.

Let us give you a call

Are you unsure what type of demo suits you best or do you have a question for us? Fill in this form and we will get back to you.

A demo when it suits you? Check out Tommy's video demo!

Or just come to one of our events!

We hope there is an option that suits you!

And if there is not, you could always check out our comprehensive knowledge base which has answers to many questions! Conveniently grouped together and listed under several categories with search bar on top, so you’ll find your answers quickly. 

Training - Hidden, by T, not the right page for this info?

Are you already accustomed to working with the UNI-Solutions, but is your new colleague not? Are you in need of a crash course to catch up on your digital surveying knowledge? We’ve got you covered!

We offer two types of training for existing customers: at our offices or at the location of their choice. The first possibility is free of charge, while the latter costs €250 for a tailor-made training.

Leaving already? Why miss out on all the info? Enter your email below and we'll set up a date and time for your free 15 minute phone call with a digital surveying expert. No strings attached!

Project Sample Download

Please fill in your details and click send to be redirected to the download page of the AutoCAD Drawing, CSV File or PDF Report example of your survey data.