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marXact is a young Dutch company founded to make centimetre accurate surveying easy and affordable for any fieldworker who knows how to use a smartphone.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much.

Founded in 2017, marXact started with a couple of young guys in the well-established market of GNSS surveying. Shaking it up with the simple idea to make GNSS surveying possible for any person, any company, on any device, with any app.

With digitalization happening around us, surveying becomes more easy and projects more efficient. Workers in the field survey create their own projects and automatically have it synced in to their GIS tools.

So we’ve made that happen, with easy, intuitive soft- and hardware at an interesting price point. And with high Dutch standards, since all our products are made and produced in the Netherlands.

UNI-Cloud op scherm

Our Team

Some of the faces behind our products



Alex joined our team to fulfill his graduate internship and complete his studies, stayed with us after that. Works on optimizing our internal processes, so we can support customers even better and quicker. Has declared ‘ Everyday to be grilled cheese sandwich day’.

Profile photo Antonio Castillo



Developer during the day, lover of stroopwafels during life. Has his head in the (UNI-)Cloud ever-since he joined marXact and created several new features and handy improvements to its structure and usability.



Ishdeep is the silent force behind most of our latest offset features. He adds new tools to the survey regularly, thereby taking feature requests to heart, all while starting his workday eating rice crackers. Ishdeep sets you off to a great surveying start.



Support guru by day, actor by night. Enthusiastic, reliable, and a source of knowledge you (and we!) can rely on on a day-to-day basis. Whenever you have a question or need support, Jasper is your go-to guy!

Profile photo Jeroen Methorst



Brings the light to the party. No, literally. Lights, catering, all of it. Jeroen is responsible for the marketing and communications and organises our own events and participation in fairs and exhibitions. Can be often found laughing loudly.


business Development

Jürgen brings some balance to our team with his calm and patience, which might have something to do with his love of tea. You best wake him up in the middle of the night for a novelty tea flavour. 



Kristina works hard to improve the user experience and interface of our products, so you can boost your efficiency and productivity. She’s doing all this while enjoying the smaller things in life at the same time. 

Profile photo Mustafa Cakiroglu


Business Development

Running Business Development there is quite a big chance that if you have spoken to one of us, it’s Mustafa. And don’t worry, if you didn’t speak to him yet; he will find you, he will call you. 

Profile photo Nick Raimond


Business development

Nick joined as an intern, but decided to stick around and supports with both the Business Development and Marketing activities on a day-to-day basis. Combines those tasks with his love of strawberries.

Profile photo Raoul van Ginkel



Raoul is the technical mastermind and the other one of the two founders of marXact, responsible for the technical side of the company. Basically, Raoul get’s you your fix.



Sinem is rarely seen without a smile on her face in the office. Took a deep-dive into digital surveying and can put herself into our customer’s shoes easily because of it. Develops features to make it even easier for them.



Opening a drawing of your survey work? Then it’s Steven you are seeing! Or well, the point, lines and polygons creation made by Steven. And not only from the points you do by hand, we will see his same creations from machines soon. Did you find his signature yet?

Profile photo Tommy van der Heijden



As one of the two founders of marXact responsible for running the commercial side of the company. Also responsible for quoting the ‘if it ain’t Dutch line’ on this page a bit too patriotic.

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