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Baas chooses GOconnectIT and marXact for digital surveying

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At a time when more and more clients make it mandatory to mark house connections on a map with precision, Baas B.V. embraced this development with full conviction. After a thorough research process in which several parties and combinations were considered, they opted for the combined forces of GOconnectIT and marXact. Their 40 digital receivers were delivered to Baas’ materials department in September, time to ask more about this choice.

Complying with obligations

“We have gone through a fairly intensive process, which we needed to make this choice. We talked about different types of equipment and ended up testing several sets and combinations, including GOconnectIT and marXact. After the testing period, we knew all the ins and outs of GO MapForms and the receiver, which we then discussed extensively.” Speaking is Marcel van der Kroef, involved in the selection and distribution of the surveying sets at Baas.

“To us, it’s important that we comply with the obligations that clients place nowadays quickly and properly: a faster and more adequate supply of surveyed data. They have that obligation more and more as well, they should expect the same from us. Besides price, this has been one of the most important considerations with our choice.”

GO MapForms for revision and connecting

Rogier Prins is an account manager at GOconnectIT and tells us more about the software within this combination. “GO MapForms is software that fits within the revision and connection processes. It provides an improved and accelerated process by digitizing the workbook, thus Baas takes a nice step towards the automation of the entire process. This makes it possible to deliver the revision and supply that information to the client(s) within 24 hours.”

With this software, a sketch is made on a geo-surface and this is immediately automated with the marXact hardware, due to the API link. GO MapForms has a connection with KLIC and a functionality to add smart meter photos too, depending on the information requested by clients. “From now on, the data measured by Baas, using the surveying equipment, will be synchronized with and stored in the software immediately. This removes a number of time-consuming steps from the work process.”

Baas’ Marcel van de Kroef (left) with Mustafa Cakiroglu (marXact).

Creating your own measurement processes

The team at Baas will work with UNI-GR1 digital receivers from marXact. Account manager Mustafa Cakiroglu: “The letters ‘UNI’ stand for ‘universal’, which means that our products can be connected to anyone when using the API that Rogier talked about already. You see here that our measuring equipment, together with this specific GOconnectIT software, is the solution for Baas B.V. We do not have a preference whether you choose one or more parties, as long as you choose at all. There is a big challenge for the industry to work differently and digitally, we as product providers have to enable every organization to do that in a way that suits them. That’s different for everyone and that is where we really need to be! Let end users really choose for themselves and perhaps combine possibilities until they have created their own ideal surveying process. Just like Baas did and they are going to reap the benefits from that from now on!”


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