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Immediately data due to digital surveying for Bureau Hamers 

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“Digital surveying ourselves fits well in our workflow, because everything is digital. All information is in the computer. If an executing party is going to stakeout, I can see the results or follow them live from the office immediately. That works nicely.” These are the words of Rick Hamers, garden and landscape designer and founder of Bureau Hamers. Our UNI-GR1 is now part of his standard toolbox and we asked him why. 

Bureau Hamers surveying with the UNI GR complete set.
Bureau Hamers surveying with our UNI-GR

Being in contact 

“I got to know marXact through social media, where they popped up several times. Then I came into contact with Mustafa and he helped me pleasantly, after which we scheduled an appointment on location. Where we used to measure with a tape measure, our projects are now of such a nature that we can no longer get away with it. 

During the demonstration, Mustafa showed me and I experienced for myself how to measure and store data, with the accuracy I need. It’s nice and efficient that the data is available immediately. That is the main reason why I chose marXact, its no-nonsense system is easy to use. It is a bit of trying during the first few surveys, but the system is easy to learn. If we encounter any problems during our work, the customer service is very nice and easy to reach. If a question ever occurs, it is tackled immediately and we can continue right away.” 

The importance of centimetre accuracy 

As head designer and project leader of turnkey projects, Rick is ultimately responsible and steers the process in the right direction. Centimetre accurate data is of great importance. “At the beginning of a project, the designated area is measured. To do this, I go to the location and map the current situation, starting with the plot boundaries, existing buildings, and other frameworks. An example of this is an existing body of water or trees that need to be maintained in the future plan. This is in the initial phase of a project, where you can immediately start using the measured information. It is important to me that that information is correct, so that I can get started from this starting position right away. After the design phase, the marXact system is very efficient in setting out the future plan too. The digital measurement is therefore interwoven with the work process and contributes to the creation of an exclusive garden according to the client’s wishes.” 

Getting a taste 

Bureau Hamers strives to design and construct outdoor spaces where the client feels comfortable and can relax. Rick: “The aim of our designs is to allow the client to experience a holiday feeling in their own garden. For this, I often use high-quality, sleek materials and natural plants. That is the Bureau Hamers signature or our own ‘taste’. A very sleek, almost clinical design, but with an airy, natural planting as a counterpart. That balance is very clearly recognizable in a garden by Hamers and that is certainly also due to the applied planting.” 

Planting the future 

“I founded Bureau Hamers about 3 years ago. Although I have a sole proprietorship, I’ve gathered a nice team of professionals around me. A permanent team with which we strive for the highest achievable within every project. We serve the rapidly changing market based on our joint plans and individual qualities together. Also, I notice that we are increasingly entering a niche market of gardens in the higher segment and a growing number of requests to take climate and climate control into account. Think of responding to drought by choosing suitable plants. On the other hand, there is more flooding nowadays, and we have to respond to this in our projects in a well-considered way as well. 

Plans that I can shape in detail on the basis of my own data thanks to digital measurements. That way my designs, clients, ánd Bureau Hamers are ready for the future!” 


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