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A gardener’s need for digital surveying

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Being precise is an important part of a gardener’s job. His or her job is much more than making sure all plants and shrubs are watered. From laying artificial grass to creating flower boxes, a veranda or the most complicated and challenging garden designs. By working accurately, they make customers even more satisfied. We are pleased that our UNI-GR1 is playing an increasingly important role with garden professionals who want to work accurately.

Precision and attention to detail

Every garden design is different. Does the client want a pergola, decking or none? Will the walkway be laid winding through the grass or will there be built-in one with flower containers? What all design assignments have in common, is that precision and attention to detail are important, which actually applies to all garden work. Will the fence be placed exactly on the boundary of the property and will there be exactly enough sand dug out to make a new pond properly and watertight? We haven’t even talked about awkward angles and turns yet!

Important questions at the start of any project, accurate data provides the answers. We spoke to two gardeners who have different relationships with the UNI-GR1.

Just as universal

Hoveniersbedrijf Guy Wolfs uses their receiver about 3 months now. “We use the UNI-GR1 to survey larger and, often, somewhat difficult gardens and designs. This way, we know immediately whether it’s a garden that is exactly straight or a bit off the hook. We mainly use the receiver for measuring, so that we know where to start. The other way around works just as well, that we can easily plot what we have designed,” says owner Mathijs Wolfs.

Made a decision

On the other hand, Hoveniersbedrijf Van Antwerpen still has the advantages in mind, they have very recently chosen for digital surveying with marXact. Owner Thomas van Antwerpen: “What I am most looking forward to is measuring gardens even more accurate, especially when there are difficult corners. Before we opted for the UNI-GR1, there was less accurate data and we had to make more adjustments on location. This was at the expense of productivity and entailed extra costs, which is no longer the case.

Planted the seed

Mathijs and Thomas have opted for precision in their work, a more productive approach and even more satisfied customers. Centimeter accuracy helps them to achieve that, with every garden (assignment) again.

And to keep it within the gardener theme: has the seed been planted within you? Would you like to experience yourself how easy it is to survey challenging garden designs and how much time this will save you? We are happy to help!

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