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Digital revolution in the green sector

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This article has been published (in Dutch) by GreenPro in December 2022.

Easily survey all kinds of different shapes and sizes? Your smartphone in combination with the UNI-Complete system ensures that you can determine the size of a piece of land in no time at all. Take measurements accurately and quickly, the all-in-one UNI-Complete package from marXact offers the solution. Jürgen Everts works as an account manager for the Dutch market at marXact and likes to talk about the major advantages of the special surveying system.

marXact will be at the Groene Sector Vakbeurs again this year with their measuring system. “The previous edition was a big happening. It was one of the first events to resume after the corona crisis. Many different people were present. This made it easy to network with a mixed audience. We also hope to broaden our network in the upcoming edition. We like to take people outside for a short demo. In this way we can show in practice that our system is user-friendly for everyone,” says Everts.

Digital revolution

Gardeners used to hire a professional to measure a garden, but that is a thing of the past with the UNI-Complete. Everts says: “Design and construction work can be quite a challenge due to the different dimensions and destinations. Our product ensures that you can do it yourself. After surveying your garden with UNI-Complete, you can easily convert the data to a digital design program. The green sector is in a digital revolution: the demand for 3D drawings of a garden design, for example, is growing. Our system ensures that you measure the plots yourself and can thus draw up detailed drawings, schedules, and quotations.”

The 3D drawings make the design tangible. Everts: “It is easy to use those drawings to show examples or to notice that you have missed something. That contributes to the extra professionalism that you can offer.”

Support brings you further

Are there any problems during measuring? No problem: marXact can look with you with the push of a button. One phone call and you’re good to go. Everts says: “Our support team ensures that you never get stuck. In addition, we receive many tips and tricks through our support that are useful for many different industries. We can convert that information into an update of the system, updates are always free. We make the system accessible to any company that wants to use it.”

Variety in target audiences

In addition to the landscaping sector, the UNI-Complete also offers a solution for municipalities, water boards, demolition companies, earthwork companies, and infrastructure companies. Everts says: “The GPS of the system makes it possible to determine the exact location of trees, cables, plots, pipes, and more. The measurement data goes to a Cloud environment, for example our UNI-Cloud. From there, you can send the data to the office immediately.”

In addition to marXact’s direct target group, students are an interesting audience too. Everts says: “We give demonstrations at schools sometimes. There are often students in the class who have a part-time job with a gardener. If we offer our system the right way, they are inclined to recommend our system to their company. In some cases they already know our system. That is always nice to hear of course.”

But marXact does not only give demonstrations at schools. Visitors can also test the system themselves at the Groene Sector Vakbeurs. Worth a visit to stand 528!


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