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Features, fairs, and faces of UNI-Support

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July 2022

Hi {{person.first_name}}, 

This is our newsletter for July. Sit back, kick your feet up and relax, and continue reading to learn what we have in store for you in this edition.

Our development colleagues are working tirelessly to create new features so you have the ultimate surveying experience. Major tasks they’re working on are machine control and the UNI-Collect surveying app, of course. But we continue with other ones too, such as adding languages and providing support.

Clear your calendar! You find us at INTERGEO in Essen, Germany from October 18-20 where we meet up with old and new surveying friends, but more importantly – show people what digital surveying offers. Speaking of events… The next Demo Drinks is September 8th, right after most people’s summer holiday. 

We have a blog dedicated to digital surveying of festivals and introduce you to the people behind the UNI-Support knowledge. Lastly, we are looking for two new interns: for both Marketing and Sales. Are you one of them or do you know someone who would be a great addition to our team?

And just so you know. Yes, it is summer and the time to go on holiday, but we continue working. You can still reach out for on-site demos, feature or reseller requests, and much more. So, speak soon?

Team marXact

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Major marXact updates are on their way

UNI-Solutions Update

We are working on very big new features and have some major ones on their way to you: machine control and the UNI-Collect surveying app. Sure, these take up a lot of our time. But that doesn’t stop us from improving your digital surveying experience in other areas as well.

We have built a strong foundation and are moving from a stable and fluid concept to the actual machine control. This summer, we are organizing a Sneak Preview Event where we will tell you more about what surveying and machine control offer you! Specific invitations are sent to organizations that have already shown interest. Would you also like to be there or do you have a specific question? Email us at!

The foundation for the UNI-Collect app has been laid and we are currently adding more features to it. We perform tests with every added feature. This way, we know that the final app that is launched is as strong as possible and can be used in the field. We implemented the survey settings in UNI-Collect recently, these are being tested as we speak.

German is the next language that will be added to the UNI-Solutions, so more people can follow the digital surveying steps in their native language. 
We have structurally assigned one developer as UNI-Support support recently. When you call with a very specific question or problem and our support team does not have the answer immediately, they can rely on the knowledge of one of our developers to help them -and you!- further.

See the most recent Feature Friday blog on our website.

marXact at INTERGEO 2022!


Germany, here we come! You can find us in Essen, Germany during this year’s INTERGEO. From 18-20 October, you’ll greet our team at this international fair where we introduce visitors to the benefits of digital surveying yourself. As our colleague Tommy says it: 

“This INTERGEO allows us to (re)connect with surveying friends again, in the flesh even! After digital events, it’s nice to see each other again. The geo industry has changed over the last couple of years and keeps evolving in the future. Having that open conversation is what these kinds of events are all about, discussing where to join forces to help the industry further.”

Read more about our INTERGEO plans on our website.

Demo Drinks on September 8


The next Demo Drinks will be held on September 8, right after most summer holidays. This is where you have the chance to participate in a comprehensive digital surveying course where you learn how to survey yourself – completely free of charge!

At the end of your training, you know what digital surveying and staking out with GPS can do for your day-to-day tasks and overall organization. We offer the following courses that day:

  • 9:30 – 12:00 Non-Existing clients and users
  • 13:00 – 14:30 Existing clients and users – 1
  • 15:00 – 16:30 Existing clients and users – 2

The course takes place at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk. Click here for information and registration. We’ll see you there!

Digital surveying of festivals accurately


The festival season is in full swing and so is living in the fast lane for organizers. How do you as an organizer, ensure that you build up your site as accurately as possible on the basis of the approved floor plan and thereby, comply with permits? Digital surveying helps you with just that, you can even build up to the centimetre accurately!

This is such a special and festive use of our digital surveying solutions and we happily tell you more about it. Click here for the dedicated blog.

The many faces of UNI-Support


If you ever needed assistance while surveying, you have probably been in touch with our UNI-Support team. If you have not met them yet, we’ll happily introduce you to the faces of UNI-Support: James, Jasper, and Max – pictured above!

They all have their own strengths and combining those skills, allows us to support you best during your digital surveying process. Click here to read more about these guys and skills set.

Marketing and Sales internships

Company News

The new school year is coming up in just a couple of months, so this is the perfect time to tell you that we have possibilities for both a Marketing and a Sales (graduate) intern! 

We value education highly here at marXact and gladly offer students the chance to gain working experience at a fast-moving company with lots of opportunities for their own input as well. Internships are perfect examples of that.

Click here to go to our our website and see both vacancies more detailed. 

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