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Digital surveying of festivals accurately

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It’s possible again, it’s allowed again, and we’re doing it again! The festival season is in full swing and so is living in the fast lane for organizers. How do you, as an organizer, ensure that you build up your site as accurately as possible on the basis of the approved floor plan and thereby, comply with permits? Digital surveying helps you with just that, you can even build up to the centimetre accurately!

What is digital surveying?

Due to digital surveying, you work with a digital receiver that receives satellite signals. These signals allow your receiver to determine a centimetre accurate position and then, you can add that specific location to a map. This can be as a point, line, or polygon. You can store this information in a specific layer, one that you have created in the survey software yourself. For example, you can easily indicate where the stage should be built during the preparation (polygon), where the fences (lines) will be placed, or where specific points such as trash cans will be placed.

Digital surveying and the floor map

For you as a festival organizer, digital surveying is reflected in several aspects of the process: namely during planning, building up, and evaluation. With all these steps, the floor plan remains an important part of your work. Thanks to the satellite signals mentioned above, you can measure the boundaries of your event location on a map and then get started drawing your terrain. This can often be done with the help of the software you already use, our data is open-source and can therefore be integrated into other programs, including software to make 3D sketches.

When your design is completely to your liking and the podium, food trucks, and other facilities have been placed, you can use this drawing when applying for a permit. After all, the authority responsible can see immediately what your plan is and how far visitors are from important points such as a first-aid post on your self-created map, or how wide the emergency exit is.

Accuracy and productivity

We assume that your permit is granted (immediately) and you can get started. Hurrah! Let’s celebrate – literally! While building your event up, you can use your self-measured and drawn floor plan to put everything in the right place. After all, you’ve already located that! This accurate way of working makes you more productive than ever before, because you know exactly what should go where. You can even load the trucks accordingly, you know exactly what is needed first: the stuff for the big stage or the banners above the cash registers.

Getting started immediately

Are you looking forward to your festival(s) as much as your visitors are? Do you want to make your preparation and execution go as smooth as possible in order to make the entire event a success –for you too? Then choose digital surveying when planning, building, and evaluating your event or festival. We are more than happy to come to the location of your next event. You can reserve our non-binding ‘tickets’ by requesting a demo!


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