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Hoveniersbedrijf Van Antwerpen works more accurate due to digital surveying

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Measuring with the marXact UNI-GR1 for detailed garden designs

This article has been published by VHG Magazine in March 2021. VHG is a Dutch trade association for gardeners and other organizations that work in outdoor areas.

This year, more applications were received by gardeners than any other year. Actually going on a holiday was difficult in 2020, but getting the holiday feeling to your home, garden, or balcony was a good substitute for many. But how do gardeners prepare themselves for all those extra jobs? Measuring a garden digitally helps you with this!

Faster and more precise

Thomas van Antwerpen of Hoveniersbedrijf Van Antwerpen from the Achterhoek is one of the gardeners who recognized the powers of digital surveying at an early stage and is now benefiting from the associated advantages. “I was looking for a replacement for manual surveying where only half of the information is correct afterwards. It had to be more precise and faster. After an online search and demonstration on location, I chose the UNI-GR1 from marXact.”

Scaled immediately

Van Antwerpen uses this device for measuring gardens and property boundaries mostly. “After we have measured the required information, everything is immediately scaled. This allows us to get started with this information immediately, design and lay out beautiful gardens. Your working method changes and that takes some getting used to. The more you work with it, the easier and faster it goes, but that of course applies to everything.”

Purchase and plant

marXact’s Mustafa Cakiroglu: “More and more gardeners are opting for digital surveying with our GNSS receiver as part of their daily working method. In addition to ease of use, the higher efficiency is one of the reasons I often hear for this. The UNI-GR1 provides centimetre accurate data by means of satellite signals and tells you exactly how many plants or square meters of grass you need to purchase and plant. Because you can set out the planting areas on location exactly as drawn, the budgeted numbers are always correct and you have no extra costs due to a shortage of material. In addition, the receiver on a survey pole looks more professional than writing measurements on paper with a pen or pencil, where the rain does not make it any easier for you. Our equipment can easily be used in the rain.”

Profile photo Mustafa Cakiroglu
“More and more gardeners are opting for digital surveying with our GNSS receiver as part of their daily working method.”

Online and offline security

Thomas van Antwerpen: “The majority of our assignments consist of private work, about 80% consists of the design and construction of new gardens in the mid to high segment. “We also see that due to the corona crisis, more people are investing in their garden. Fortunately, our agenda is fully booked for the coming period. It is nice that we can then work accurately with the exact data that we measure with the UNI-GR1 from marXact. This saves us a lot of time and extra costs.”


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