The most universal RTK GNSS Receiver

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You choose how you work

The UNI-GR1 is everything you need in a GNSS receiver. With its universal character, it is suitable for any job. Whether you are a pro or not (yet), everyone can work with the UNI.

You choose how you work, the UNI adapts to it.


Set-up the UNI-GR1 as an RTK rover, receive corrections over NTRIP or a local UNI base and start surveying or do stake-outs.

Gets a centimetre accurate FIX fast.

Base Station

As a base station, the UNI-GR1 provides RTK corrections to your local UNI rover or any other device over NTRIP.

Start your own correction service.

Receive more info or a free demonstration on location

You will receive a brochure with all specifications and more information. Besides, we like to know your needs and your field of work

Comes with the free UNI-Connect surveying app

Measure anything you want

Stored in self-made layers with custom attributes, your points, lines and polygons come to life in the most easy surveying app you have ever seen. Turn any device with WiFi and a browser into your UNI-GR1 controller.

Get your data from and to the field

Connected to the UNI-Cloud, UNI-Connect becomes your most searched after asset. Send or receive your work in DXF or CSV and work together on the same projects without a hassle. In your local coordinates.

Project overview UNI-Connect


Use any mobile device as a controller by connecting to the UNI's WiFi hotspot. The UNI itself can also be connected to a WiFi and use 3G+ mobile data with a SIM-Card. Link to the UNI with Bluetooth, Serial, USB or LoRa modem to get the position out.


Get position and correction data in and out of the UNI-GR1 through configurable NMEA-0183 and RTCM 2.X-3.X strings, TCP, RS-232, CAN-bus or completely integrate it in your own environment with the UNI-Cloud API and set-up the UNI with user-based NFC tags.


We let you use your own data, the way you want to. Not in any way encrypted and in standardised open formats such as DXF, CSV and more. Logging and RAW data? In RINEX of course.

UNI-Cloud and Storage

With the UNI-Cloud your work gets synced automatically from your UNI to the cloud after you're is done. Don't want a cloud subscription? Various files can also be stored on MicroSD.

Connect to your own software or use the app you like

UNI-Cloud Api


Integrate UNI-GR1 position or project data directly in to your own software using the UNI-Cloud API or connect to any app you like.

Get a brochure and the full specifications

Receive a brochure in your mailbox

The UNI-GR1 is designed to work in the most rugged environments

Ready for any weather type

Being IP67 waterproof, ready for temperatures ranging from -20 to +55 degrees Celsius and pole-drop resistant, you can take the UNI to work in the most challenging environments.

See what you are doing

Set the advanced LED ring to see if the pole is levelled, to show your fix status, shine light on your work or warn others in the dark that you are working there with the safety mode.

Gets you going all day

With a built-in 11.000 mAh battery, this 800 grams light-weight is designed to work up to 12 hours. You can easily complete a full working day without exhausting the UNI's energy. Or your own energy.

UNI-GR1 and the suitcase

Ready to work with the UNI-GR1 including software, controller and pole?

Simply order UNI-Complete for € 4995,- and start working this week

When it comes to performance, the UNI is a real powerhouse


Channels: 432
GPS: L1 - L2 - L5
Glonass: L1 - L2
Galileo: E1 - E5a - E5b
Beidou: B1 - B2 - B3
QZSS: L1 - L2 - L5


IMU: 9 Degrees of Freedom
Initialisation time: <55s
Time to first FIX: <45s (cold)
Time to first FIX: <10s (hot)
Reacquisition: <5s
Initialisation reliability: >99.9%
Position update rate: 20Hz


Standalone H/V: 1.5m / 3m
DGPS H/V: 40cm / 80cm
RTK H/V: 10mm+1ppm / 15mm+1ppm
Static H/V: 3mm+1ppm / 6mm+1ppm
Heading: 0.2(1m baseline)
Velocity: 0.03m/s
Time accuracy: 20ns

Left with any other questions? Reach out to us!

It comes down to the fact that if you use the UNI-GR1 in normal sky conditions with a correction provider such as UNI-RTK Premium, you will get a centimetre accurate position FIX from all possible satellites within 2 minutes after turning on the UNI.

The UNI-GR1 always comes completely unlocked. Meaning you can use all satellite signals and hardware specs without extra charges. 

Yes, as long as the receiving app supports an external positioning NMEA input over Bluetooth, Serial or USB, the UNI-GR1 can work with it out of the box. 

Even when it doesn’t work out of the box, you can completely customise the NMEA string to make sure the UNI sends the right message to the receiving end. This means you can also connect it to your machinery.

If you have influence on the development of the app of your liking, you can also make it work with the UNI-Cloud API getting you even more options.

All the above not an option and is it an Android app? Overwrite the internal location of your Android device and it still works! 

With the UNI-GR1 and UNI-Connect, any device that has WiFi and a browser can function as a controller. 

Meaning your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or most other devices.

Want to buy a complete set anyway? Check out UNI-Complete.

Yes, you can.

Since the UNI-GR1 comes with free UNI-Connect surveying software working on any device with a browser and WiFi, you can work with just the UNI-GR1.

However this means that you can survey with standalone quality of around one meter accuracy.

In case you want centimetre accuracy you need to provide the UNI-GR1 with RTK correction data or post-process the data afterwards. 

Sounds complicated? Just get UNI-Complete and you have all you need to start surveying with CM accuracy out of the box.

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