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Mandatory digital viewing of KLIC data from April 1, 2021

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Press release

Hilversum, March 31, 2021

From tomorrow 1 April, it is mandatory to be able to view every KLIC report completely digitally at Dutch excavation locations with a so-called “KLIC viewer”. Dutch-based marXact, known for their UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver with which anyone can digitally survey with GPS, offers users that possibility and therefore helps them not only with surveying, but also to comply with legal requirements.

About the KLIC notification

A KLIC report is a report that must be submitted by contractors, cable companies, and other excavators when they start digging in public spaces. The report is made online at the Land Registry (“het Kadaster”), of which the Cables and Pipelines Information Center is a part. The Kadaster then requests information from the network operator about the location of cables and pipelines before it is sent to the applicant as a download link to a zip file, containing cable and pipeline information.

The KLIC viewer in UNI-Connect

Preventing excavation damage

The information received must be digitally available at site during excavation, it must be used to prevent excavation damage and to avoid dangerous situations. When excavators know where previously laid cables and pipes are exactly located, they can take this into account when opening up the ground.

Digitization process

Tommy van der Heijden, co-founder of marXact: “It is good that it is mandatory to digitally carry KLIC information with you on location. We have developed our own KLIC viewer, especially for our Dutch users. Added it to our own survey software free of charge, so that the required information is easy to view. Before this obligation, you saw differences in how data was requested by and delivered to excavators, because not every party used the same method. Due to this new requirement in the market, all parties know where they stand and you can do much more with the data. Before, during, and after the excavation process. Making KLIC data compulsory with you digitally is a step in the digitization process that is not coming quickly enough for me. The next step is the centimetre accurate digital surveying of new cables and pipes, so that this information is also available with subsequent KLIC reports. Like this, excavation damage is permanently prevented, now and in the future.


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