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Surveying sewerage digitally and easily in Waalre, Heijmans Infra does it!

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Heijmans Infra is one of the first users of the UNI-GR1 and present since the beginning. Time to ask about their experiences and what kind of work they perform with their receivers.

Digital surveying and the VakmanGPS

Peter van Lierop is Chief Measurer of Soil & Roads at the Geodesy Department of Heijmans Infra. “We use the UNI-GR1 together with the MyCumulus app, we have called this combination the ‘VakmanGPS’. The colleagues who use these sets have the position of VakmanGWW and we found VakmanGPS a good fit. One of the projects where we use this combination is in the sewer reconstruction of a residential area in Waalre.”

Digital surveying of new sewers

Due to that project, the old sewage system will be replaced by a separate sewer for waste water and rain water. Completely climate-resistant and the new system prevents flooding due to large downpours or cloudbursts. During a long drought, the water is retained in the soil.

Heijmans Infra uses two sets of VakmanGPS in Waalre, one for each team. Team A will construct the main sewer, make the necessary connections and lay PVC pipes to the side, just outside of the excavation of the roadway. This crew measures locations for the following objects:

– Inlets
– Wells
– Temporary end of the PVC for house connections and gullies

Team B will follow later to install the PVC beams further towards the houses. They use their VakmanGPS to find the temporary end of the PVC pipes, which have been installed by team A. After team B has moved the outriggers and the unclogging pieces have been placed, they survey their locations with their set.

A complete image quickly

Van Lierop: “With this method, both teams ensure that they can survey their own activities quickly and easily. As the person who processes the measurements into an overhaul, this means that I quickly have a complete picture of the newly constructed underground sewage system. This has made us faster, more productive, and more accurate.

In addition, the great thing about this system is that the measured points of team A automatically end up in the set of team B. As a result, no physical transfer of data is required, so that team B can continue where team A left off in a targeted and efficient way. Then they supplement the measurement data with what they have created themselves.”

Going fully digital

With the arrival of the UNI-GR1s in combination with the MyCumulus app, Heijmans has gone completely digital at the project in Waalre. The making of hundreds of sketches on paper by the excavation workers, which are by no means always complete and / or with the correct measurements, and their collection by the contractor and the digital drawing by the surveyor has become a thing of the past. The measurement data can be imported in the drawing program immediately. A win-win situation and savings in several areas within one project were born.

Offline and online security

marXact co-founder Tommy van der Heijden: “You can see from the various tasks within this project in Waalre, that the UNI-GR1 plays a central role in the work of Heijmans Infra in sewerage work. It is exactly as Peter says, there is no need for a physical transfer of data, it can all be done digitally and in real-time. This provides security both online and offline. Data is stored in the cloud and can be viewed from home, while this way of working means that colleagues can keep a safe 1.5m distance from each other. This is how work continues, even in these times.”

Peter adds: “We like this way of working so much that we are going to roll it out further in all districts of Heijmans Infra. The VakmanGPS is also used satisfactorily within the Cables & Pipelines and traffic systems departments.”

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