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What types of land surveying techniques exists?

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What Types of Land Surveying exists?

When starting a new project, understanding the terrain is often the key to success. Whether it’s a construction project, a real estate development, or an environmental conservation initiative, the foundation of success lies in precise and comprehensive surveying. Within the world of surveying, various methodologies are employed, each vital for diverse projects, possibly including yours. Curious to learn more about these methods and their significance? Dive into our blog to explore the types of land surveying with marXact!

Understanding Land Surveying

Land surveying is about the location and measurement of both natural and man-made features, utilizing principles from geometry, mathematics, and other scientific disciplines. The surveying[1]  is carried out by surveyors, this process involves collecting and processing data into geo-information. Surveyors can use surveying equipment[2] ,, such as GNSS, to measure areas, angles, and boundaries accurately.

There are multiple forms of surveying where you plot to generate data. In the upcoming paragraphs, we’ll discuss several important concepts that are commonly used in practice.

Site Planning

Site planning involves design and planning process for new development projects, often necessary for obtaining development permits. It integrates boundary and topographical surveys to facilitate design or infrastructure improvements before construction begins. This form of surveying is instrumental in designing various elements such as lots, playgrounds, subdivisions, and roadways, shaping the landscape of neighborhoods.

Construction Measurements

This form of surveying consists of staking out buildings, roads, walls, and other building structures on a particular site, providing accurate measurement and delineation for construction activities as outlined in development plans. A building inspection can also contribute to horizontal and vertical alignments.

Location Measurements

It is common to confuse site measurements and boundary surveys. Location measurements provide crucial information for credit applications or zoning requirements, also helps in mapping internal improvements accurately and obtaining necessary permits for various activities, including event planning. While a boundary measurement is used to locate lines and angles within a piece of land.

Cables and Pipelines Measurements

Before installing cables and pipes cables and pipelines underground, it’s essential to know the soil’s depth to determine trench locations. Conducting soil measurements enables accurate decision-making regarding trench placement, making the installation of new infrastructure more handy. With tools like the KLIC viewer, you can easily retrieve data and reports from the ground.

Frontier Research

Boundary surveys are used to establish the boundary lines and corners of land or garden, compliance with local regulations and mitigating legal disputes. This type of research combines desk research with fieldwork. Field research can be used to verify data that is already available through stored data. These surveys can cover all necessary measurements to delineate property boundaries accurately.

Topographical Survey

Topographical surveys identify natural and man-made features within a location, essential for architectural and engineering planning processes, including buildings and their utilities, elevators, fences, and trees.  These surveys go beyond individual property boundaries, employing a combination of aerial photography and ground-based methods to map out terrain features comprehensively.

Surveying via marXact

Are these surveys the only types of surveys? Certainly not. There are many more existing surveys to measure and determine projects accurately. Our UNI-Complete offers a complete, easy and affordable solution for your surveying needs. We are happy to give you advice or information about our products and where you can apply them.

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