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UNI at GNSS Demo Centre Hanoi

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We are very proud to announce that the UNI-GR1 is now part of the GNSS Demo Centre at NAVIS in Hanoi, Vietnam. Enabling everyone in South-East Asia to check out the most universal GNSS receiver.

NAVIS is an international collaboration centre on R&D in satellite navigation technologies at the Hanoi University of Science & Technologies (HUST). Its work and expertise are internationally recognised by prestigious and important organisations as the United Nation’s International Committee on GNSS (ICG). It has won prizes like the Vietnam Talent Award in the field of IT, it engages in Horizon 2020 projects supported by the European Union and promotes in this context the European GNSS Galileo.

From autumn 2018 on the NAVIS will not only function as a test centre for GNSS equipment, but offers on top, a show case for latest European GNSS technologies and applications. The UNI-GR1 being a completely European GNSS receiver from the Netherlands, is now one of the latest European GNSS technologies to be found at this GNSS Demo Centre.

The UNI-GR1 is an RTK GNSS Receiver with CM accuracy. It is the most universal, cost-efficient receiver on the market, making centimetre accurate positioning input in your own software environment possible! With the advanced UNI-Cloud API you can add the UNI-GR1 as a location source to your own software without a problem. And even without implementing it already offers a complete solution, including a surveying app and RTK corrections!

Since this week the UNI-GR1 can be found at the GNSS  Demo Centre and in case you would like to give the centre a visit to check-out or test the UNI, the staff at NAVIS is more than happy to receive you! Just fill out the form below, let us know you want to visit the demo centre and we will make sure you are in touch with the right persons to welcome you!

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