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Happy Holidays!

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December 2023


At the end of this years draws near, we find ourselves taking a moment to reflect. The year 2023 has been a remarkable one at marXact, filled with exciting milestones, hard work and innovative advancements.

In this last newsletter of the year we will take a closer look at our new video showcasing customer Tjaden, we give an update about the progress made on UNI-Collect, which is now compatible with other brands of GNSS receivers. In addition, we will highlight the impressing number of points that have been measured with our receivers, and we have more to share!

Last but not least, we wish everybody Happy Holidays and a beautiful 2024!

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Explore our YouTube channel

Want to learn more about marXact by simply sitting back, relax and watch a video?

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel in that case, where we share videos on a variety of topics.

This time we’re excited to share a new customer case video that showcases how Tjaden, a Dutch consultancy firm for soil mechanics, is using marXact solutions to improve their CPT and drilling operations. The video highlights how Tjaden has uses the stake-out function and processes the survey data in the office! Watch it here on YouTube

marXact statistics!

Curious about how many objects are measured every day with marXact receivers? To give a bit of an insight: 

All customers of marXact have surveyed a total of 3.41 Million points worldwide till date. In 2023 alone, marXact has surveyed 1,795,687 objects. This represents a substantial increase from the 529,303 objects total surveyed in 2021 and 1,080,499 objects surveyed in 2022. Demonstrating a remarkable 166% year-on-year growth.

With over 8,100 points measured per working day, marXact is revolutionizing the way precision land surveying is done. This translates to over 1,000 points measured per working hour, an impressive 17 points measured per working minute. In other words, all customers of marXact are measuring one point every 3 seconds on a workday!

UNI-Collect update

We’re excited to announce that our survey app UNI-Collect, is now compatible with other brands of GNSS receivers. This means that you can now work and collect data with your existing GNSS receiver in combination with UNI-Collect.

This is a major step forward, as it makes it even more versatile and accessible to more users. The developments of UNI-Collect are going fast. Lately we aded the option to stake-out a polygon and to manually add a point for stake-out. Next, the possiblity to survey a offset point or virtual point will be live from the beginning of next year. Just starting out? Now there’s a first time set-up tutorial that guides the user and gives guidance when starting your surveying work.

Stay tuned for more updates on UNI-Collect in the coming months!

Upcoming fairs, UNI-Machine and tilt

As we look ahead to the year 2024, we are excited to share some of the exciting developments that marXact has in store. 

We will be showcasing our latest precision land surveying solutions at a number of upcoming trade shows, including Infra Relatiedagen 2024 in Hardenberg, NL. Across the border, we will visit the Fiberdays 2024 fair in Wiesbaden, Germany in February and the FTTH Conference in March, in Berlin.

We are also making significant advancements with UNI-Machine and Tilt solutions. The UNI-Machine is a next-generation machine control solution that will revolutionize the way we excavate and trench. Tilt correction will further improve the accuracy of our solutions, especially in challenging environments.

Free surveying course in January

Join us for our free marXact Course Day!

We’re excited to invite you to our free marXact Course Day, where you can learn more about our precision land surveying solutions and get hands-on experience with our UNI-GR2 receiver, the survey software, in case you are an existing client.

The marXact Course Day will be held on Thursday 11th of January at the InfraCampus, in Harderwijk, NL.

During the course day, you will:

  • Get a 1-on-1 demonstration of our UNI receiver in combination with our survey software
  • Get hands-on experience with our products in the field
  • Bonus: network with other professionals in the industry

The marXact Course Day is free and open to all our marXact users. Read more and sign-up here

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