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Recapping 2022 with Raoul 

  • 4 min read

With 2022 coming to an end, it’s safe to say it’s been an unforgettable year! We’ve celebrated our 5-year anniversary, participated in multiple (international) events, and helped more and more people survey themselves. But at the core of it all, are easy-to-use surveying solutions developed by our team. With that in mind, we’ve asked our CTO Raoul about this year and what you can expect next year. Spoiler alert: a lot, actually!

Prepping and recapping 

“2022 really was a big year for us, specially speaking on behalf of the Development team. We’ve made a very good start with the UNI-Collect surveying app, that will replace UNI-Connect as our surveying software. There’s a timeline, we did our research, built the groundworks, and much more. Soon, users will have the possibility to register for its beta version and experience the interface and give feedback. The first preview was during the INTERGEO fair in October and we’ve incorporated feedback and requests since then. 

There is real progress regarding UNI-Machine as well. This is our solution for easy-to-use machine control and a joint development with Nijhuis Engineering. The first sneak peek was at bauma, also in October. We’ll be working hard on creating something different and uncluttered for operators. 

Users have benefitted from lots of new features and possibilities that we’ve released over time. From the import preview to calculation volume in the UNI-Cloud and more and more software integrations with new partners. And let’s not forget all the work that went into rewriting our entire software to create a ‘V2’ that offers more speed and stability! That’s a real gamechanger! So is the UNI-Cloud new user interface and user experience that went live a few days ago!”  

A UNI-ty in 2023 

“We have a lot of projects and tasks for planned for 2023. New solutions to make digital surveying even easier for current and new users, both with and without partners. As I said before, UNI-Collect and UNI-Machine are coming and so is the tilt feature, which is a request coming from the field. We’ll release more import and export functionalities and add more available languages to our surveying software to allow users to work in the language of their preference.  

Currently, we’re testing and adjusting the internal LoRa radio too. This allows users to connect one UNI-GR1 to another to become a base station. They’ll be able to survey accurately in areas with little to no internet connection because of it. We have more plans and explore more options for 2023, but with one goal in mind: allowing fieldworkers to digital survey easily and at an affordable price. All our products and releases conform to that goal, it’s a unity.” 

Fun and five 

“2022 has been a very exciting year for us! Not only because Tommy and I founded this company 5 years ago, but also because of the growth we’ve had. Obviously it’s nice to celebrate both elements and we did! We were surprised by our colleagues in February with balloons, cake, decorations, the whole nine yards basically. In November, we celebrated again and this time with friends and family too!   

marXact has really grown over the last 12 months. We’ve added new colleagues to the Development team and other departments, occupied an additional floor, brought so many more UNIs to the field, and really made an impact in other areas too. I can’t wait to continue with that next year and show you what we are capable of!”  

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