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Digital surveying across the border

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Maybe you landed at this blog without knowing anything about digital surveying and you stay here because you are curious, but maybe there is a completely different reason for you. Perhaps you are already an experienced UNI-GR1 user who lives close to national borders. Then read on to the last line, because we explain how to measure centimetre accurate points, lines, and polygons for tasks in multiple countries!

Digital surveying in multiple countries, why?

Do you live in Dutch Brabant and do you (also) work in Flemish Brabant in Belgium? Can you walk to the Slovenian border from your hometown of Gorizia in Italy? Perhaps your work takes place around a three-country point. What we mean is that it is not standard that you perform (surveying) work in the same place as where you live. Not even in the same country. It doesn’t matter to us and to our UNI-Solutions, you can and will continue to work across the border!

Choosing the right coordinate system

As a (regular) user, you know that your result stands or falls with the right preparation and settings by now. The coordinate system (CRS) is one of the most important parts here, especially when you work across the border.

Choosing the right coordinate reference system is easier than ever, because you see the corresponding country code for each system. In both UNI-Cloud and UNI-Connect, you go to Projects to create a new project where you also choose the CRS. When you start working in Belgium, for example, you choose one of the two codes that are the standard in that country. Easy surveying across the border starts with selecting the coordinate reference system.

Now what?

What if you can choose from multiple CRS systems? Well, we recommend that you indicate to your client(s) which one suits their needs best, then you can choose that system in the software. The corrections of the UNI-RTK Premium network work throughout Europe and far beyond, so that you survey centimetre accurately. Doesn’t that work? Choose a second UNI-GR1 as a base station! For questions and remarks you can contact our UNI-Support team, so that you are able to accept and successfully complete jobs internationally!


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