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An eventful month with many exciting things on the horizon

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May 2022


We hereby send you the newsletter for the month of May. An eventful month with many exciting things on the horizon. From events to exciting collaborations and expansion of our service area, which we would like to tell you more about in the future.

This month we would like to tell you about our visit to Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and the interaction with students for the implementation of a new internship, our upcoming events such as the Demo Drinks on Thursday 9 June, Bauma and Intergeo.

We will also tell you about our contribution to VHG Magazine, where it is shared how you can best deal with the extra requests as a landscape gardener. VHG magazine is a publication of the Royal Association of Gardeners and Landscapers.

We conclude this newsletter with a blog about ‘Digital surveying across the border’ in which we tell you how you can measure unlimited digitally. All in all, a lot of exciting things to look forward to. Here’s an invitation to read more quickly!
Team marXact

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Windesheim University of Applied Sciences


We are a young and international team with an average age of 28 and are always busy expanding our team!

As you may have read before, we place great value on education. That is why we were ready this month at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences to meet new talents who can strengthen the marketing team. We offer an internship in which the student has the opportunity to develop into a real marketing professional.

Are you or do you know someone who likes a challenge and wants to do an internship at marXact? Mail to

Digital surveying yourself works like a charm


This year more applications were received from gardeners than in previous years. Actually going on holiday has been difficult in recent times, but bringing the holiday feeling home, garden and balcony was a good replacement for many. But how do you properly prepare as a landscape gardener for all those extra assignments? Digitally measuring a garden will help you with that!

Last month, VHG Magazine published an article sharing how marXact helps gardeners and other green professionals to provide tight schedules.

Our colleague Mustafa Cakiroglu: “The data collected yourself cannot only be used for making a garden design. Your quotations and plans are more detailed than ever and because you work out your plans more precisely, you can easily calculate how much paving, greenery and other materials you will need. This makes the picture even more complete for clients.”

Demo Drinks on 9 juni


On Thursday 9 June it’s that time again! Then we organize our monthly Demo Drinks where you get the opportunity to follow a course digital measuring with GPS free of charge.

In a single training we teach you what digital measurement and measurement with GPS can mean for your organization. We offer a number of training sessions on this day:

  • 9:30 – 12:00 (Potential) New customers and users
  • 13:00 – 14:30 Existing customers and users – 1
  • 15:00 – 16:30 Existing customers and users – 2

The course takes place at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk. More information and direct registration can be done here. Will we see you there too?

Digital surveying across the border


Our colleague Jeroen Methorst wrote a piece explaining how you can measure unlimited points, lines and polygons with GPS for assignments in multiple countries! Good preparation and the settings are crucial for achieving the desired result.

From the column: It is not standard that you carry out (measurement) work in the same place as where you live. Not even in the same country. It doesn’t matter to us and our UNI-Solutions, you can and will continue to work across the border! Read to the last line and discover how to measure centimeter-accurate points, lines and polygons on assignments in multiple countries!

Read the whole article here for taking on and successfully completing international assignments!

BAUMA: for the construction (material) machine and mining machine industry


Bauma is the world’s leading meeting place for the construction machinery, building material machinery and mining machinery industries. The most important players, innovations, target groups and trends – all in one place. Bringing together key players and opinion leaders, the event prepares you for the trends and topics that will take your industry into the future.

marXact will be on hand to give you a taste of how digital surveying makes you more productive and efficient, with machines! Curious if this could also be of interest to you? Sign up here.

INTERGEO: Experience the top event of the geocommunity


All international key players in the industry will be in attendance. The main topics are Digital Twins and their value creation, 4D geodata and Geospatial IoT, capabilities of remote sensing, BIM 4.0, industrial surveying, measurement systems and robotics, smart cities and mobility in the context of climate change and sustainability, mobile mapping, web services and GeoIT in disaster management, spatial reference and positioning, Earth observation and Galileo.

marXact will be on hand to demonstrate how to fully integrate centimeter accuracy into your software. We show how you can properly prepare your project in advance with data, which ensures that you work smarter, more efficiently and more accurately. Curious about the developments in the field of digital surveying? Sign up here!

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