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The land surveyor is unnecessary by now, for simple tasks

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This article has been published by GreenPro (in Dutch) in February 2022.

Digital surveying equipment by marXact

If you take a look outside, you will see trees, a street, or a lamppost. Everything you look at has once been measured and then built or placed in the right place based on that data. Mustafa Cakiroglu, jointly responsible for business development at marXact in Hilversum: “With our digital surveying equipment, we help to visualize everything accurately to the centimetre in no time at all; it makes a surveyor become unnecessary.”

marXact is a Dutch company consisting of a young international team of twenty employees. Cakiroglu: “We are a producer, developer, and supplier of digital surveying equipment and we develop it all from A to Z, including the hardware and software. We make it possible for a groundworker or foreman to easily take digital measurements and send them to the drawing office at the push of a button, where they process them in a calculation and drawing program. We have worked out the whole concept in such a way that everyone, independently and on the basis of a few simple steps, can carry out the measurements in the field.”

Digital surveying equipment by marXact

Mustafa Cakiroglu: ‘with our digital surveying equipment, we help to visualize everything accurately and down to the centimetre in an instant’

With a focus on landscape gardeners, cable and pipe companies, and municipal authorities, the concept took off in a short time. Cakiroglu: “When making plans to build, renovate, or place something, it is necessary to get a good image of the work area. With our equipment, the groundworker simply measures where something needs to go; with an x- and a y-axis and, if necessary, a z-axis too. You map the length, width, and height or depth respectively. We do this with our surveying equipment, to the centimetre accurately. Once everything is visible, you can start calculating and then, start drawing. The tool is very accessible, easy to use and, affordable. We have grown in a short time from 60 to more than 500 delivered devices.”

Accurately surveying a garden or outdoor space

Because every garden design is different and it’s never about just pots and plants, the concept helps in making it a little bit more challenging, according to Cakiroglu. “Gardens and outdoor spaces have different sizes, uses, and therefore a surprising angle makes the design and construction work just that bit more detailed and more exciting too. It adds more creativity and we let them use new techniques to measure digitally and to the centimetre; any point, line, or polygon of a garden or outdoor space. It provides a complete quotation and provides insight into the purchase of the amount of plants, pots, pavers or grass, as well as an efficient planning of activities. Does the customer want something different after all? Then measuring digitally again and sending it to the business via our UNI-Cloud is no problem at all. It has been adapted in a jiffy.”

No specific knowledge and experience are needed anymore, it is all in the equipment and a cloud environment.

Cakiroglu: “It is the most user-friendly solution available on the market currently. It is affordable, partly because we produce and develop everything ourselves. You can see that the much more traditional market of surveying with a tape measure is changing rapidly. It’s efficient, but it’s slower, and a bit more cumbersome. Our concept accurately determines a location via geographical coordinates, based on satellite reception. You do not need specific knowledge and experience, because we have put that in the equipment and our cloud environment already. We focus worldwide and my specific focus is the Dutch, Belgian, and part of the German market. With our concept, you skip a few steps to have an accurate picture of the measurement; a surveyor professional is unnecessary. And we know that we have reached only ten percent of our potential customers. So we still have enough challenges to include them in our demos and the experiences of our users.”


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