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Volume and 4G for fieldworkers 

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January 2022


It is January by now and therefore time for the very first newsletter of 2022. The holidays feel like such a long time ago, especially considering all the work we have done for our users since then.

In this edition, we tell you more about our free of charge solution for the 3G to 4G change, you get an update on volume calculations, and we have once again made extra options for the synchronization process.

We also have a nice blog about the International Day of Education and the role education plays for us – we spoke to Alex, Justin, and Sinem for that. Jac Barendregt is this month’s customer case and they talk about their experiences with the UNI-GR1, in addition, a new Demo Drinks will be held on Thursday, 10 February.

We end this newsletter with a new winner of Photo of the Month and with colleague Kristina, she has been part of our team for exactly 1 year this month. She’s happy to tell you more about that.

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Volume, 4G, and preparations

UNI-Solutions Update

New newsletter, new year, new UNI-Solutions Update! It is only January and we have so much to tell you already!

You have read about 4G earlier, the new standard for internet access and speed. You could read that we ensure that you and your work are not affected by the phasing out of 3G previously.

Towards the end of next week there will be a special order page in the UNI-Cloud. This is where users can order a hardware upgrade free of charge, one 3G to 4G upgrade per owned UNI-GR1. This page also indicates the delivery address, so that the upgrades can be shipped in March: in time for the 3G shutdown.

We are now working on the much-requested feature for volume calculations, which will be available in the UNI-Cloud survey environment and the UNI-Cloud API soon. So you can not only calculate volume in the UNI-Cloud, even API users can calculate volume calculate in their own software.

We happily remind you to update UNI-Connect to its most recent version, which came out around the holidays. Several bugs have been solved in this one, so that you work more stable and have an even better connection with the UNI-Cloud. The processes in the UNI have been optimized in such a way that the UNI “at rest” has gone from 60% processor usage to 10% to 20%!

Click here for the first Feature Friday blog of 2022.

International Day of Education


January 24 was International Day of Education, celebrating the rol of education and its part in (creating) a civilized society.

Colleagues Alex and Sinem and former intern Justin are happy to tell you about the role ‘education’ plays within marXact and how they notice it. All three from their own experience and unique situation. From internships to Dutch courses and so much more.

Demo Drinks 


It’s possible again, it’s allowed again, and we’re doing it again! The next edition of our Demo Drinks is on Thursday, February 10! We have adjusted the program a bit to give you more time to (re)familiarize yourself with digital surveying and the UNI-GR1.

9:30 – 12:00 Non-Existing clients and users
13:00 – 14:30 Existing clients and users – 1
15:00 – 16:30 Existing clients and users – 2

This new set-up gives us more time to get interested parties acquainted with the world of digital surveying, including more information about the possibilities. By offering existing users two shorter afternoon sessions, there is more time for them to ask specific questions.

Click here to register immediately.

Jac. Barendregt

Customer Case

The people behind Jac. Barendregt have been working on many Dutch ground, road and hydraulic engineering projects for decades. They now use the UNI-GR1 digital receiver for centimeter-accurate data during the preparation and implementation of these projects. A great time for a customer case!

“We followed a demo of Mustafa at our location and that was user-friendly, an immediate plus. With this UNI-GR1, we can measure and plot everything we actually need.”

Go to the full case on our website.

Win free access to the UNI-Cloud!

Photo Contest

The new monthly winner of the marXact Photo Contest has been announced. Loon- en Aannemingsbedrijf De Peinder sent us the photo above, and thus won the title ‘Photo of the Month’ and 3 months of free access to the UNI-Cloud, priced at €187.50!

In addition, Gijs Rip Tuinen became the winner of quarter 4, with which they win 1 year of free access.

Do you want to win 3 months of free access to the UNI-Cloud ánd have a chance of winning a free year? Send us your photo via WhatsApp (+31707007917) or per mail at Who knows? You might be the winner in next month’s newsletter!

Kristina’s first year at marXact!

Company News

We not only celebrated New Year’s Eve earlier this month, but also that Kristina has been with us for 1 year. She has been working on your user experience since January last year, which we thought was a good time to ask her about her own experiences with the marXact team.

“What I like about working here, is that we have such a friendly atmosphere. marXact is a great company with nice colleagues, it is more so that they turn into friends you make at work. We are all very different in this fast-growing team, but have one thing in common: we all work together to achieve our goals.”

You can read more about Kristina’s experiences at marXact right here.

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