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Digital survey yourself for the construction business

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This article has been published by GWW in August 2021.

Affordable, easy, and accessible

Bridges and dikes, bicycle paths and roads, cables and pipelines, and a fibre optics connection too. From adjusting an existing situation to creating a new one, knowing the centimetre accurate position is important. Dutch marXact will help you with this. From now on, you can survey positions with their UNI-GR1 digital GNSS receiver.

Made in Holland

marXact is located in Hilversum, North Holland, and was founded in 2017. Commercial director and co-founder Tommy van der Heijden: “We saw that performing measurements in civil engineering came with an extensive work process, partly because parties had to wait several days for each other during the various steps. Rightly, this led to a lot of frustration, not least among colleagues in the field. To simplify and speed up the processes, we have developed the UNI-GR1. A complete system with which points can be measured digitally, centimetre accurate. Completely self-developed by our in-house development team with the help of our support department and produced locally. Truly Made in Holland, with more than enough opportunities to visit us at the office for a demonstration or for specific questions.”

Efficiency first

Today, many civil engineering companies use software packages such as 3D BIM or GIS applications for their soil measurements. Field workers take a tablet full of stored digital project drawings with them to the measurement location, after which these are used to survey data. But what if these cards are not clear? “The surveyor is often called in, but that is not necessary at all. You wait for this person to have time and that is not efficient. With our UNI-GR1, you can quickly measure new points, lines and polygons yourself, after which this information is directly integrated into our own software. The work can continue, there is no project delay or budget overrun by hiring external help. In addition, users comply with the latest Dutch legislation, because, among other things, the KLIC report is integrated in our software.”

 marXact offers a complete solution. UNI-Complete is available at €4995 and also consists of the UNI-Connect survey software that works on any device with an internet connection, data correction in the form of UNI-RTK Premium for centimetre accurate positions, and accessories such as tablet and measuring pole to work properly. Important is the access to the UNI-Cloud, where data is stored and synchronized automatically. So, efficiency first.

Complete surveying experience

Van der Heijden: “We offer the full package, which contains everything you need to start digital surveying immediately. That’s what UNI-Complete is, but there are also customers who don’t want the complete solution. They still have a tablet in laying around or an ongoing subscription with another provider that corrects their data. That is not a problem! We like to think with you on how we can best help someone in these circumstances too. This is also possible by choosing to integrate the UNI-GR1 position or project data in other software through our own API. For example, we already have connections with DiaFlow, GeolinQ, Infrakit, and SpeerIT, among others. We are happy to collaborate with integrations that suit the work in the (civil) engineering sector by making connections possible. Ultimately, it’s about making digital surveying easy for everyone. The complete surveying experience must be good, we are happy to contribute to that.

Preparation, execution, evaluation

Carrying out a new infrastructure project requires good preparation, efficient implementation, and thorough evaluation. marXact gives you the centimetre accurate information you need to successfully complete every part of the work process. When will you take the first step?

marXact founders
Raoul van Ginkel (l) and Tommy van der Heijden (r)

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