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Fugro carries out soil investigation with digital surveying

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Geo-data specialist Fugro is a global player that collects and analyzes information about the earth and the ground structures built up there. Together, 9,000 people in 61 countries work in various service lines, of which approximately 1,000 are in the Netherlands. The Dutch service line Soil Research uses multiple UNI-GR1s from marXact to perform soil research. Time to ask about their experiences.

Digital surveying of soil

Ahmed Tohami is a technical engineer within Fugro Nederland and part of the Process & Improvement team. “Our Soil Research department consists of 400-450 people and investigates the soil and subsoil for various clients.”

Young and dynamic

“One of the reasons for choosing marXact is that it is a young and dynamic company. Fully engaged in product development and with its own support team. This offers us the opportunity to make our wishes come true, by offering us tailor-made solutions. A ready-to-use receiver is not interesting for us, we want to be able to link to our own systems and that requires more than just a standard solution,” says Tohami.

Mustafa Cakiroglu, account manager at marXact: “We are indeed a young company, just as Ahmed says. Since our start in 2017, product development has been important to us, where we like to listen to customer requests. Our goal is to make digital surveying simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone who works in the field. I think Fugro is a good example of this. They have specific questions and feature requests, which we can develop and process in our UNI-Solutions. Thus, you help a specific customer with carrying out their daily work and, at the same time, you build a more extensive product for others. When you digitally survey and then process points and lines, you can focus on your actual work.”

Rollout phase

“We are currently in the roll-out phase of the receivers, we are making the necessary preparations for this to work precisely. We are working on an automated and integrated workflow in which the receivers fit in well. We receive help from marXact where necessary, thanks to the UNI-Support team that can answer our questions quickly. This allows us to get back to work quickly and carry out soil investigations throughout the Netherlands”, concludes Tohami.


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