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Fons Linders Tuinmeesters stakes out designs easily

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“We truly are all round and focus on all facets of the profession. From designing to construction and maintenance. We do this for private customers from the mid to high segment mostly. The strength of our company lies in its all-in character. If requested, we can fully unburden the customer. This is possible because we have all the necessary disciplines in house. Not only greenery, but also, for example, paving, masonry, swimming pools, electricity, and more. By taking the lead, we can completely unburden the customer,” says director and co-owner Jan Verhoeven. To give more shape to that unburdening, also within their own company, a UNI-GR1 digital receiver from marXact was purchased. 

High-quality materials

When creating the designs, the team opts for high-quality materials. For example, mainly mature trees are planted and mostly natural products are used to create the best results. “These products come with a price tag. It is sometimes said that we are expensive, but that is not the case. We are not expensive, we opt for more expensive materials and often make larger gardens. Durable elements that last years, radiate luxury, and completely comply with the customer’s wishes. As a result, we often make more expensive gardens and this is an important difference from being expensive!” 

Design and stake out

Jürgen Everts is an account manager at marXact: “What we see among gardeners and landscapers, is that they want to keep up with modern times and look for (affordable) solutions to modernize or digitize certain activities. marXact has succeeded in coming up with a workable solution for this market. With our UNI, you can easily measure and set out, which helps in the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of a project. When you know how many square meters of tiles are needed, you buy more precisely. That way, the price tag is detailed and perhaps lower than expected.” 

Verhoeven: “That’s right. It is also one of the reasons we were looking for a new way of working. We no longer can do it the old-fashioned, conventional way. This resulted in error deviations in dimensions and that costs money. We were thinking of a smart and easy to handle solution, with a good price quality ratio, and easy to use. After a demonstration at our location, we opted for this survey pole with which we recently started to measure every project and, where necessary, also set it out.”

Transferring knowledge

Verhoeven is currently one of two UNI-GR1 users. “Our work planner and I are the ones who use the device, but we will soon be transferring that knowledge to colleaguesWe will have projects where this is possible and there are opportunities to teach our outside team the steps. As a result, the knowledge is spread, we unburden each other, and keep improving ourselves.


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