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Demo Drinks 25 October 2019

  • 2 min read

The third Demo Drinks was also a great success! The number of visitors that keeps showing up keeps growing, we received so many registrations this time that we had to divide the visitors into 3 shifts!

The team managed to inform the visitors about RTK GPS surveying and show them in the outdoor space how to do the measurements.

And this time too people were enthusiastic and very positive about the product! We have again succeeded in attracting the interest of visitors in a fun and participating way. We heard a lot of compliments!

Because of all of this, we will certainly continue to organize crash courses in RTK GPS Surveying. Not only do we like to inform others about the product, but we also like the input we get from the visitors. And, we immediately work with the feedback

We have planned a New Year’s demo drinks. With a fresh start, we will be giving crash courses again in surveying on 24 January, a good way to start the year. We hope that learning about the new way of surveying is one of your New Year’s resolutions because we offer you this completely free of charge!

We are going to try to enable anyone, with or without geo-knowledge, to perform site surveys independently with GPS. We are going to make sure that within one hour, you will have the complete basic knowledge. This means that we not only teach you to survey, but also how to code data properly, how to store data in layers, how to export your points, lines, and polygons and we give you the opportunity to perform stakeouts

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