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Greenpoint & marXact

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Greenpoint Logo

Greenpoint is an online platform for managing the outdoor space. Companies, municipalities, and contractors can get data about objects in the outdoor area with their software. Greenpoint ables you to record the information and access it very easy in map images that provide visual recognition. With the BOR-solution you can collect and manage all your data. It’s a BOR system in which you record information about objects and capture this information in actual BGT cards. Greenpoint is completely web-based; contractors can easily share data with their clients. It’s basically a cloud solution for public space management.

The idea behind Greenpoint is that the data is easy to identify and up-to-date. The data about public space is centrally stored and everywhere available. Greenpoint connects clients, contractors, and stakeholders!

So, we are happy to say that marXact is partners with Greenpoint. We introduced them to the UNI and they tested it in various ways with their software. They integrated the UNI GNSS receiver into their app. The following pictures show how you can connect the UNI-GR2 with Greenpoint

First Select the UNI and setup the accuracy indicator.

Now the software will run a test and provides measurement details.

Now you can start measuring objects.

Start with your job immediately when you’re in the field. Simply add the UNI via the UNI-Cloud API and start collecting data!


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