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TCPGPS by Aplitop & marXact

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Aplitop is a company that is specialized in the design and programming of technical applications for Civil Engineering and Surveying. They have developed a broad variety of solutions for field surveying and working with stake-outs. They’ve also developed CAD-based software for civil projects and special applications for point-clouds, tunnels, and photogrammetry. A fundamental aspect of their program design process is ensuring that they are practical and easy to use.

TcpGPS is an all-in-one solution for surveying and staking-out with GNSS receivers, released by Aplitop. With the app, you can use a wide range of GNSS receivers via an integration into the data collector or via Bluetooth. The app has multiple options for surveying and stake out plots, terrains and linear works. The application work on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, so you can use it on any device.

We proudly announce that we collaborate with Aplitop. That means you can easily connect the UNI-GR1 with TcpGPS by Aplitop. This process is tested, and the results were great! So, watch our short tutorial video below that shows how to use the UNI-GR1, our GNSS-Receiver, with TcpGPS.


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