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marXact at Intergeo 2019!

  • 4 min read

“Cool design”, “Amazing how many channels the device can handle”, “UNI-Cloud looks handy, will definitely try it out”, “The UNI-Connect app is very user-friendly”, “Nice work guys!”: are the reactions we heard the most from visitors at the marXact booth when they saw our products. What a great experience was Intergeo 2019! 

We gave many demonstrations to enthusiastic visitors. People were surprised by the capabilities of the UNI-GR1. The team also organised a givea-away, whereby visitors could win a UNI-GR1 by taking a selfie, uploading it to a social media platform, and putting the right hashtags underneath. In the end, we announced the winner and shared it on our social media channels! The lucky winner is surveying student Joni Vanrompay who is busy setting up her own company and we wish her good luck!

We were also interviewed by the Surveying Group. We spread the word by presenting our company, marXact. The interview concerned the future of surveying, how we deal with rapid technological changes and what the market can expect from us in the future. We gave several demonstrations outside, showing the visitors how the UNI-GR1 and UNI-Connect works in the field. People were very surprised by how easy it is to do surveying with our products. You could feel how excited the visitors were when we told them about our UNI-Cloud API, with which you can completely integrate your UNI into your own software.

How can I integrate the UNI position into our own software?

A lot of visitors at our booth on InterGeo asked us how to integrate our GNSS receiver into their own software. With UNI-Cloud API we give you the tools to use our GNSS receiver with a lot of available software. It allows you to have access to all data of the UNI, literally all data. Whether that is the profile settings, device settings, X, Y or Z location, the accuracy, a coordinate, the solution status. Basically, you can access all the data you can see in UNI-Cloud and integrate it into your own software/system!

Besides, you can connect the UNI-GR1 with many software via Bluetooth. We’ve partnered with many survey tools and have tested this in various ways. For more information check the listed partners on our website to see which software we support. You could also check out our Youtube tutorial videos. Is your preferred software not listed? Let us know and we can probably make this possible!

Why would we need the UNI-Cloud service?

People asked why they need UNI-Cloud. The answer is that you simply want to manage all your surveying from 1 place! With UNI-Cloud you can manage all your devices, different profiles, and logs from 1 place. The fieldwork is automatically synced directly to UNI-Cloud. Which gives you direct access to the survey data. The service also allows you to send points for stakeouts from your office. An interesting function is UNI-Cloud API. With the API, you can fully integrate the UNI-GR1 into your own software.

Until next year!

All in all, Intergeo was an educational and successful experience. But, it was also certainly a nice and fun experience. The feedback and the energy that we received from the market has certainly lift us up. We’ll see you again next year!

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