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ESRI ArcGIS Data Collector & marXact

  • 2 min read

Collector for ArcGIS by ESRI is a mobile data collection app. It makes it easy to capture accurate data and return it to the office, since fieldworkers can use web maps on mobile devices to capture and edit data. Apart from that, it integrates seamlessly into ArcGIS and now works flawless together with the UNI-GR1!

When connected over Bluetooth to your Android device and selected in Collector for ArcGIS, the UNI-GR1 provides you with a centimetre accurate correction input to get you going in the most challenging environments.

ArcGIS Collector’s intuitive interface enables field workers of all experience levels, with map-driven forms to capture and return accurate field data. Data that integrates seamlessly into ArcGIS and for any asset or observation; you can document countless details using photos, videos, or audio recordings.

Since the data captured with ESRI Collector feeds directly into ArcGIS, everyone, in the field and the office, works from the same accurate data. Your as-built infrastructure can be accurately documented to reflect reality as compared to what was planned.

At marXact we are happy to share that we have tested the connection and that the UNI-GR1 works very well with ESRI’s Collector. Resulting in another option to the many available and letting you choose how you work, cause the UNI adapts!

Watch the short tutorial below that shows you how to use the UNI in ArcGIS!

You can download Collector for ArcGIS in the Google Play Store here and to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact us!


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