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Carlson SurvPC & marXact

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Carlson Software develops software solutions that helps the land development professional from concept to completion – the full cycle of a project. As an independent company founded in 1983, Carlson Software is well known for its comprehensive civil engineering, land surveying, machine control, positioning, and mining software solutions. Its dedication to customer service is renowned in the industry.

Carlson Software combines advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability to make it on of the first choices in data collection software. Accurate data collection is the basis for any successful project and SurvPC provides a highly graphical and intuitive user interface that prompts the user so no detail is missed.

Users have the freedom to choose their hardware provider through Carlson Software’s support for a variety of RTK GNSS and conventional/ robotic Total Stations, new and legacy. With Carlson SurvPC you can virtually connect any robotic Total Station to any RTK GNSS receiver.

Being a completely independent company as well, giving users the freedom to choose how they work with the UNI-GR1, marXact is happy to announce that you can now use the UNI-GR1 in combination with Carlson SurvPC, connecting the UNI-GR1 to any of your other hardware supported by SurvPC. At the moment of writing this article functionality works through the Generic NMEA option in SurvPC and in an upcoming release the UNI-GR1 will be added to the extensive list of supported hardware within SurvPC.

To know more about the possibilities and see how we can make your company more efficient, feel free to contact us!



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