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marXact makes centimetre accurate surveying easy and affordable for any fieldworker who knows how to use a smartphone

And we’re getting closer to that goal by the day. Take a look and see some of the organizations who have chosen for an easier way of surveying in the photos, read customer cases, or watch testimonial videos. 



Kruse Groep

Uses the UNI-GR1 for all kinds of activities regarding (environmental) groundwork, as well as road and hydraulic engineering.




With the help of the UNI-GR1, NTP makes the environment more functional and sustainable on an infrastructure level.

Aannemersbedrijf Lavèn

Active in water, road construction and earthworks, the UNI-GR1 helps them do their job. 

Hoveniersbedrijf Curatio

Rely on their UNI-GR1 for tailor-made advice, designs, and construction of gardens.

I.Deegen & Zn

The UNI-GR1 assists in carrying out demolition related work.

A. Jansen 

Rely on their UNI-GR1 in the field of infrastructure, recycling and concrete related activities.


Happy with their UNI-GR1 to remeasure their project drawings in the field.

Onderhoud Enschede

In order to keep the city of Enschede properly, they use the UNI-GR1 to get their accurate data.

An interesting customer case

Wayss & Freytag, part of the Royal BAM Group and located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, registers fiber optic networks with marXact hardware and uses IntellinQ software to work with the generated data. Here’s a little insight into how they integrate the UNI-GR1 into their daily work

The marXact photo contest

The marXact photo contest allows users to show how they use the UNI-product range to their advantage. Show us what you’ve got and who knows what we’ve got in store for you! 

A total of 17 prizes per year, namely:


Free 3-month UNI-Cloud subscription for one UNI-GR1 at €187,50* and your photo published on this page. Your photo gets posted on the following social media channels: Facebook and Instagram, including company name and -if possible- tag to company pages. Your photo will also be published in 1 marXact newsletter, including company name and is a contender for Photo of the Quarter.


Free 1-year UNI-Cloud subscription for one UNI-GR1 at €750,-*. Same conditions apply as with the Photo of the Month and the contender will apply for Photo of the Year


Free 1-year UNI-Cloud subscription for one UNI-GR1 at €750,-* . Printed photo on forex. Official ‘ Photo of the Year’ certificate. Photo published on this page and in a yet to create frame on this page, including company name for 1 year. Photo published on the following social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, including company name, statement that this is the Photo of the Year, and -if possible- tag to company pages.

Participation and Winning

Pictures can only be send in for a valid participation using the link below in, and by filling in the requested information. Pictures must be send in before the 17th of every month, to compete in next month’s competition. As of the 21th of each month, this photo will be the one in the according frame on this page, as well as posted on our social media channels.

  • Photo of the Month 

marXact will choose the winner for this category 

  • Photo of the Quarter 

marXacts vote counts for 50%, as will social media activity (likes, comments, etc) 

  • Photo of the Year 

The winner will be fully selected by social media activity

Note: marXact reserved the right to post all photos, even in they have not won– now and in the future.

Photo of the Month - January






Fons Linders Tuinmeesters wins the first-ever marXact Photo of the Month with the submission as seen left. Congratulations! 

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