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News Update – May 2023

  • 10 min read

Welcome back to our news update.

We are excited to tell you about our latest developments and give you some insight in our workings!

We made the trip to Madrid to attend the largest conference on broadband
optic fibre developments, where we showed the benefits of using our
GNSS-RTK solutions for installing optic fibre networks. We will tell you
about our experience there, and look forward to upcoming events: Planmeister and TKD. Make sure you register to see us!

Next up, we revamped our Cloud-API documentation. It will now be much easier to integrate third-party solutions to work with our products. Then, we offer demonstrations for anyone interested in our products. What does a demonstration include? What is it like? We dive into it in this edition!

For the full story, continue reading below!

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FTTH Conference Madrid: Fibre Optics Made Easy

The European Council wants to provide everyone in Europe high speed internet by 2030, and thus the whole continent is in a rush to meet it. That means there is an infrastructure boom, baby! Naturally, marXact is there to help make it easier and more efficient!

FTTH means Fibre-to-the-Home. Or, from a central cable in a street (FTTC), a fibre optic cable is connected to home modems to complete the high speed network so you can work, stream, game, or video-call your loved ones and their keyboard-walking-cats without delay. Internet doesn’t magically become faster, however. It’s light signals through glass fibre, rather than electric signals through old (copper) wiring, that allow for uninterrupted and high speed data transfer. These cables have to be installed, meaning new cabling has to be put into place continent wide.

marXact helps this process by allowing field workers to locate and register where they dig up and place the cables themselves. There is no need to hire a land surveyor, and you have instant remote access to the data.

We were present at the FTTH conference in Madrid from the 18th through the 20th of April to demonstrate what we can offer to this industry. The event was the largest collaboration of industry leaders to discuss and present all the latest developments and technologies. We are grateful for the opportunity, and have made some great connections. Our International Expansion executive Rody shares his experience at the fair:


“For me, it was a great opportunity to gain insight on the international fibre optics market and have a chat with our customers and integration partners to hear about their experiences. Furthermore, I am looking forward to get in touch with all the interesting companies that we spoke with during the conference, to see how we can make their fibre optics roll-out more efficient together.

marXact already has a lot of customers in the fibre optics industry, spread over multiple countries. By taking part in the FTTH Conference, we were able to show our solutions to many different companies such as network administrators and subcontractors. Whether companies are looking for equipment to map the homes passed with centimetre accuracy, or looking to integrate the data directly into their (GIS)software: marXact offers a complete solution. By making the data of the fibre optics roll-out easily accessible and affordable, we are helping the market to make the international fibre optics roll-out much more efficient and time-saving.

Are you also interested in the marXact solutions and curious how we can help you make your tasks more accurate and efficient? Feel free to reach out to us through! We are happy to have a conversation about the possibilities together.

Planmeister Network Evening &
Technical ‘Kontakt’ Days

Planmeister Networking Evening

When: May 11th, 19:30-22:00! We have a stand at this infrastructure event among 17 other companies. The evening is the perfect opportunity to seek new contacts in the Dutch infra sector. You can register by mailing:

For more information, click the link > here <.

Technical ‘Kontakt’ Days

From the 8th through the 10th of June, The UNI-Machine will make an appearance at TKD, the largest Civil Engineering exposition event in Western Europe! If there are new trends and developments in the industry, you will find them there. Naturally, you will find marXact there as well, at the stand of our partner Nijhuis Engineering, with whom we jointly develop affordable machine control! You can register on their website through the link > here <

Until then!

What is a Demo?
Allow us to Demonstrate!

Our surveying solution, UNI-Complete, is a great tool to make centimetre-accurate surveying accessible for everyone who knows how to use a smartphone. We like to make sure you experience this yourself, so before you buy anything or are just curious, you can request a demonstration for free and without obligation to buy, through our website. You can pick whether you would like it on-site, online, or at our office. “So, what is it like?” We hear you ask. Our sales representative, Mustafa, tells you all about it:

What does a demonstration look like?
“We go through the ins and outs of the software; give an introduction about marXact: How we started, what we do; and mainly provide a product training in person on location, often at the customer’s site. We show what digital surveying means for a company and its employees, and how they can implement digital surveying within their work area. It’s really an explanation of: ‘Okay, what’s in it for the customer?’ ‘Why is it easy or fun to do?’ ‘How are they going to use it?’ And mainly: ‘What is the added value of digital surveying compared to the ‘old-school’ surveying process?’

What are the benefits for interested readers to receive a demonstration?
“The biggest advantage is for you to actually see how UNI-Complete is applied in real life and to experience the simplicity for yourself. With that, we show: OK, this is what we do. If you work with us, you’ll know beforehand what to expect. You get the opportunity to experience how easy it is to survey with our software and device.”

What is your experience with giving product demonstrations to customers?

“Mainly positive; almost all customers react positively. They actually see the usefulness of it. I like to involve customers in the product and get them excited about it. We mainly let them survey themselves. From there, questions arise and they get to know the product and solution completely.”

What is the most memorable demonstration for you?

“That’s a fun one! It was for a customer who had no experience with digital surveying or drawing programs and had no idea what it meant. During the demo, he found it so interesting and especially easy to use, that he became completely enthusiastic and still made the purchase. Since then, he has created work for himself within his own garden network. But yeah. Definitely one not to forget.”

Is there anything our readers should know before requesting a demo?

“Yes, it is recommended to acquire some knowledge about digital surveying beforehand. You can find this, for example, <here> on our site. Ultimately, it’s always more fun to be surprised, but having some knowledge about what this type of equipment does and what you can do with it is useful for quickly understanding what we’re talking about.

It is also best to have thought about where you would apply the product. Ask yourself questions like: ‘What is the added value of the product for me?’ and ‘How is this a solution for my business operations?’. I can be more specific with my explanation that way. Although it is not a requirement and we are happy to explain it to you from zero knowledge!”

Did we interest you in a demonstration of UNI-Complete? Mustafa and our other sales representatives are happy to show it to you!

You can request one for free on our website through the link < here > or by contacting us at or +31707007917.

See you soon!

Cloud-API Documentation
Join the Cloudside, We Have API’s

Our UNI-Cloud API has received a revamp! We have greatly improved the documentation for readability and logic. You will now find it much easier to integrate third party (surveying) software with our UNI-Cloud and UNI-GR1.

With the UNI-Cloud API, you can access your device’s location, project data, and import/export GeoJSON data into projects. You can also create projects, view device status, and connect the UNI with other software packages. Additionally, the page can now be displayed in dark mode; hooray!

Find out about all the functionalities of the new API through the link > here <.

If you are interested in integrating the UNI with other software, and were not able to find out how through this page, please contact us, and we will discuss the possibilities.

Now a word from Alex, who is the mastermind behind the API restructure!


API documentation can be overwhelming to look at for non-developers. We revamped it to make it easy to update and extend, while allowing anyone to use it and understand what an API can do for a business. In my experience, reading API documentation has helped me identify new use cases to implement that I would not have thought of otherwise.

It was an exciting journey for our team to design the new website. We provide comprehensive guidance for developers, including examples in multiple programming languages, details about our protocols, and helpful tips.

We ensure that each data endpoint is well-documented with sufficient examples and explanations. We are developing a system that automatically updates the documentation to reflect new features, ensuring that our resources always remain up to date. The result is a platform for users of all skill levels to use, and is easy to modify and maintain for us.”

Although our API documentation is currently in its alpha phase, there are many exciting features on the horizon, such as Postman export, automated updates, and a live tester. Our team is confident that the current version will greatly assist our clients in effectively utilizing the API, and we look forward to unveiling these additional enhancements in the near future.

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