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Digital surveying with SAPOS and marXact in Germany

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Digital surveying knows no limits. Well, not when it comes to working in multiple countries. There are still borders you can indicate on a digital map of course. Being accurate with that information, is what it’s all about. Real-time kinematics, or ‘RTK’, provides you the necessary data correction. Our very own UNI-RTK Premium network gives you just that and thus, centimetre accurate data. As an alternative in Germany, you can use the SAPOS network provided by the government.  For Germany, SAPOS is a well-known RTK provider and allows for accurate results when surveying.  How do SAPOS and marXact work together for your optimal work processes? Let’s take a look.

What is SAPOS?

Before we get into SAPOS and the UNI-Solutions, let’s look at the former itself. SAPOS is an RTK provider that covers basically the whole of Germany and is therefore well-known with surveyors throughout that country. The surveying authorities in Germany operate the SAPOS satellite positioning service as a joint project and thus provide the current, official wide area spatial reference for everyone using modern surveying technology. This allows users to save a temporary reference station and solve their spatial reference tasks more efficiently and quickly. RTK networks such as UNI-RTK Premium and SAPOS are considered as an infrastructure basic provision and a must when surveying accurately.

SAPOS in Germany

Connect SAPOS

If you have SAPOS credentials, you can connect your UNI-GR1 digital receiver to this data correction provider in UNI-Connect. First, connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi of your UNI-GR1. Open up UNI-Connect and navigate to Settings > Location. You can edit your credentials with the button on the top right here.

To connect to SAPOS, you need a handful of details. These are the credentials we just mentioned:

  • Host address
  • Port
  • Username & Password
  • Mountpoint

Make sure to tick the following box: “Send NMEA GGA messages to the correction provider”.

Once you filled in all your credentials, we advise you to click the “Test Connection” button. You can see straight away if the connection is successful. Take a look on the top right of your screen where you see a handful of symbols. If you see an arrow that is pointing left, you know that you are receiving data correction on your device.

Credentials for SAPOS (HEPS):

  • Host:
  • Port: 2101
  • Mountpoint: VRS_3_3G_NW or VRS_3_4G_NW
  • Username & Password: To be sent by SAPOS

These credentials can be different, as they are provided by SAPOS. However, they do show you what you can expect. As always and with security in mind, username and password are personal and private. Please treat those as such, with whatever provider you use.

UNI-RTK, SAPOS, and the UNI-Solutions

We spoke about connecting SAPOS and UNI-Connect above. You can use either UNI-RTK Premium or SAPOS as your go-to RTK provider in Germany. However, the former is part of our UNI-Solution and overseen by our team. We have extensive knowledge of it and some tricks up our sleeves to help out when needed. Experience and expertise can’t be beaten.

If you perform digital surveying jobs in Germany, it might be a good idea to use RTK for centimetre accurate data when your job(s) needs that. UNI-RTK Premium covers multiple countries and regions, allowing you to not be burdened by borders when it comes to work. Both can be used with the UNI-GR1 digital receiver, UNI-Connect surveying software, and with data stored in the UNI-Cloud. So, with all of the UNI-Solutions actually.

‘Fragen’ or remarks

If you have any ‘Fragen’ or remarks about using real-time kinematics with your surveying jobs, do not hesitate to get in touch! Our UNI-Support team gladly helps you get data correction from UNI-RTK Premium, SAPOS, or your local provider. We help you achieve your optimal surveying experience!


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