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August 2022

Lion Event Support chooses digital surveying at festivals and events

  • 4 min read

Dutch-based Lion Event Support provides complete facility and technical productions and included digital surveying into their work processes recently. Time to ask about their need for centimetre accurate data at festivals and events. Service organization Willem de Leeuw is its owner and project manager and can therefore tell more than enough about Lion Event Support and their experiences with the… Continue readingLion Event Support chooses digital surveying at festivals and events

Even André Rieu surveys digitally!

  • 7 min read

August 2022 Hi, Many improvements and extensions to the UNI-Solutions this time! For example, you can now export attributes per layer or all-in-one with DWG and DXF, or an export with text annotations in the measured layer. Furthermore, volume, surface, ánd length measurements are possible in the UNI-Cloud and you can read more about the V2 version of our UNI-GR1… Continue readingEven André Rieu surveys digitally!


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