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Machine control with marXact

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June 2022


We hereby send you the newsletter for June. We kick off with this month’s UNI-Solutions update, where machine control takes centre stage. This is such a cool feature that has been much requested by UNI users.

Recently, BIMregister published a new blog about marXact, focusing on how connecting with an API improves your work experience. Speaking of blogs and content, we’ve written down what you can expect form a demo digital surveying marXact style. Our colleagues Jürgen and Mustafa even have some pre-demo tips for you!

We also have a new Demo Drinks coming up on July 21st, so you can really take advantage of our surveying tips and tricks. Lastly, we are looking for two new interns: for Marketing and Sales. Are you one of them or do you know someone who would be a great fit?

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marXact’s machine control

UNI-Solutions Update

Lately, we have been busy creating a marXact machine control solution. A new feature that was frequently asked for by you and other users in the field. This is coming soon, since we are performing tests at the moment!

We’ve released a new version UNI-Connect version a few days ago. This one starts your UNI-GR1 much faster, up to 1 full minute! The import preview is coming too. Through this preview, you can immediately see whether your data can be loaded properly and completely, or you may see that you are missing a point or line to make it complete.

We spend time fixing bugs, improving stability, and adding small improvements every month. That can be a new coordinate system, a small addition to an existing function, but also something behind the scenes. We’ve done so the last couple of weeks as well, have you noticed some changes yet?

See the most recent Feature Friday blog on our website.

Column BIMregister:
API connections with your BIM


BIMregister has published a brand new blog about how digital surveying relates to your Building Information Model, this time focusing on how connecting with an API improves your experience.

“If you have integrated the centimete accurate position of the UNI-GR1 into your own systems, you have full control over everything you want to do with the UNI-GR1 position.”

You find the full article on our website.

Demo Drinks on July 21


It’s that time of the month again on Thursday, July 21! We’re organizing a brand new edition of our Demo Drinks where you have the opportunity to participate in a course digital surveying with GPS, completely free of charge of course.

We will teach you what digital surveying and staking out with GPS can do for your organization in just 1 training. We offer the following courses that day:

  • 9:30 – 12:00 Non-Existing clients and users
  • 13:00 – 14:30 Existing clients and users – 1
  • 15:00 – 16:30 Existing clients and users – 2

The course takes place on the InfraCampus in Harderwijk. Click here for information and registration. We’ll see you there!

A demo digital surveying: marXact style


Yes, we perform on-site demos to familiarize you with digital surveying. An appointment where we provide you with the full surveying experience in a place that actually suits your work.

Our colleagues Jürgen and Mustafa tell you what you can expect and have some pre-demo advice for you!

Click here to read more about a demo marXact style.

Work anniversaries and workers wanted

Company News

We have lots of company news related to jobs this edition! For instance, we’ve celebrated a work anniversary recently. Amiel, Marco, Niels, and Rody joined our team in September last year, meaning they now have a combined experiences of 3 years!

Furthermore, we are looking for two new (graduate) interns! Both our Marketing and Sales colleagues have an opening for a temporary colleague as of September. Are you a part of the upcoming team additions?

Click here to go to our blog celebrating the Big Four and the internship vacancies.

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