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The survey tool and the 4G hardware upgrade

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March 2022


After sitting idle for a while, we got to go again this year! We are talking about nothing less than events. Last month, we were at De Groene Sector Vakbeurs, next week at the Infra Relatiedagen. These are from Tuesday to Thursday in Evenementenhal Hardenberg, register here, and win a full UNI-Complete set there!

Can’t you visit us there? Come visit us at the Demo Drinks on April 14 at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk from 09:30 onwards. Here you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with digital surveying and the UNI-GR1 during one of three sessions.

We will also tell you more about a number of major projects in this edition of the newsletter! Think of the survey tool and the 4G hardware upgrade. Like every month, we spend the time needed to improve current surveying capabilities. To do this, we’ll fix bugs, make adjustments for even more stable satellite signals, and expand some features.

We end this newsletter with an introduction from our new colleague Max. He is happy to tell you more about his experience so far.

Team marXact

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UNI-Solutions Update

In this edition of the newsletter, we tell you about a number of major projects, as mentioned earlier! Think of the survey tool and the 4G hardware upgrade.

You may have already seen a few things about the 4G network update. UNI users can switch from 3G to 4G free of charge by ordering a special 4G hardware upgrade. They have previously received a mailing for this in which we explain step-by-step how they can order these.

Furthermore, we have now finished building the ‘backside’ of the survey tool. This function will soon be added to UNI-Cloud, so that you can calculate the length of an (individual) line there, among other things. Also the calculation of the height, the circumference of a circle, volume calculations and the area of a polygon are integrated.

In addition to the above, more releases are coming, including expanding the measurement and editing capabilities of the UNI-Cloud project, the previously announced UNI-Collect surveying app, and new coordinate reference systems. 

So be sure to come back to our blog to read all about our upcoming features and updates and get the most out of your UNI-Solutions!

Digital surveying is a must-have tool for Knops Tuindesign

Customer Case

A custom-built pool with or without a built-in jacuzzi, direct-planted mature trees to enjoy or high-quality ceramic tiles for a special finish. Every garden design that Knops Tuindesign makes is exclusive and exudes luxury.

During the process from design to construction, they use digital surveying with marXact’s UNI-GR1. We asked owner and garden and landscape designer Erik Knops about his experiences with this device. Curious about his story? Read the whole story here

Do you also want to experience how easy digital surveying can be for you? Click here!

Infra Relatiedagen 


Come and meet us during Infra Relatiedagen on 29, 30 and 31 March 2022 | 13:00 – 21:00 in Hardenberg. We show what digital measurement does for your organization, how centimeter-accurate data improves your efficiency and how productive you can actually become. Do you have a question, our colleagues have the answer at booth 585!

Would you like to receive the full digital survey experience? We are happy to walk you to our outside stand, where we have the opportunity to give you an actual demonstration, in which you will also survey and store yourself.

The fastest surveyer per day wins a voucher worth €50! But, it gets even better. The person who surveys our assignment correctly the fastest, wins a complete UNI-Complete set worth €4995! Are you not the winner, but still convinced of our surveying possibilities? Don’t worry, you can buy your own set immediately and take it home during the fair!

Click here to register directly and save the dates!

Demo Drinks


Once again, we wpuld like to remind you about the Demo Drinks April 14.You get the opportunity to take a course digital surveying with GPS for free.

In a single training ,we will teach you what digital surveying and measuring with GPS can do for your organization. We offer a number of training sessions on this day:
9:30 – 12:00 (Potential) New customers and users 1
13:00 – 14:30 Existing customers and users – 1
15:00 – 16:30 Existing customers and users – 2

The course takes place at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk. More information and direct registration can be done here. We’ll see you then!

Picture of the Month


This month’s winner of the photo competition is family business Verheij Integrale groenzorg. Verheij Integrale groenzorg has more than 35 years of experience in landscaping and green maintenance for government, healthcare and educational institutions throughout the Netherlands. Their motto is: “Promise = do and does not go, does not exist”

Verheij Integrale groenzorg has submitted the photo above and wins the title ‘Photo of the Month’ and 3 months of free UNI-Cloud worth €187.50!

Do you want to win 3 months of free access to the UNI-Cloud ánd have a chance of winning a free year? Send us your photo via WhatsApp (+31707007917) or per mail at Who knows? You might be the winner in next month’s newsletter!

Providing UNI-Support to the Max!

Company News

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the new addition to the company. Max Numan joined marXact this month, putting an end to the current tradition. After Jasper and James, he is the first team member whose name does not start with a ‘J’. It had to happen at some point!

Max: “I really enjoyed my first days here at marXact, it was great. There was a set schedule for the first week and while things may change and dates and times may change, I liked that a real plan was made for me.”

Take a look at the blog to get officially acquainted.

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