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Digital surveying for engineering and municipalities, Jac. Barendregt does it all

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The people behind Jac. Barendregt have been working on many Dutch excavation, road building, and hydraulic engineering projects for decades. They now use the UNI-GR1 digital receiver for centimetre accurate data during the preparation and implementation of these projects. We asked John Barendregt and our own Mustafa Cakiroglu about their experiences with this device.

A family business with specialties

“We are a family business and have been around for almost 60 years. In those 60 years, we have grown into a contracting company specialized in civil engineering. We are a versatile company and tackle many different activities for many different types of clients. From small to large builders, the petrochemical industry and project developers, and for various municipalities. This versatility is also reflected in the work we carry out. I see (soil) remediation, the construction of sewerage, and our equipment rental branch as our specialties. That flexibility is also what attracts others and what I recognize in our digital receiver.”

Surveying with the UNI-GR1

The Jac. Barendregt firm uses the UNI-GR1 for various activities within their (civil) engineering projects. For example, they have a framework agreement with the Port of Rotterdam Authority to measure all test trenches and to process that data in the revision of the drawing. For others, they survey existing sites or the types of subsurface in pavements. For municipalities, house connections and sewerage are indicated accurately.

“Within our team of about 50 people, I am a calculator and work planner. That means that I get to work with the data that is measured by a foreman. For example in test trenches, the operator is more often not present, so the guy measures in that trench himself. The contractor often takes up measurements including heights at existing locations, and that works well for us.”

marXact’s Mustafa Cakiroglu: “You see that John and his colleagues use the UNI for different activities, because they offer various services themselves. What they use their device for, is therefore diverse. What I like to see here is that there are several people who can work with it. That is good for us, because it shows that learning this does not have to be complicated. This is also useful for Jac. Barendregt, because you can teach several employees a new technique easily and then benefit from it.”

Choosing marXact

The UNI-GR1 is not the first digital receiver for this family business. “We already have a GPS pole from another brand and it was widely used, so you reach its available capacity easily. Then we looked further into this market and came across this pole. We followed a demo of Mustafa at our location and that was user-friendly, an immediate plus. This receiver has slightly fewer functionalities than the others, but that is also reflected in the price. With this UNI-GR1, we can measure and plot everything we actually need”, concludes Barendregt.


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