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Speer IT Cocon & marXact UNI-Cloud

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Following our goal to make high accuracy positioning work with any system out there, we are proud of the collaboration with Speer IT and their product Cocon. Speer IT offers high-quality glass fiber registration systems. Their products are easy-to-use, flexible and are implemented according to your specific wishes. Cocon, their most important product, is already the standard in the Netherlands and is internationally becoming more popular, apart from that it now works seamlessly with the UNI

With the UNI you can look into, upload, change and manage GNSS measurements via the UNI Cloud live in Cocon / CTW. Using the UNI, fiber-optics can be measured by every user at any time, with the ease of the familiar Cocon environment, using the UNI-GR2.

marXact & SpeerIT = Working with flexibility, faster delivery and optimization of processes.

The use of the UNIs decreases the installation process and increases efficiency in the Glass-Fiber industry, and all the measured data goes directly from the external engineer to Cocon, which makes all the maps even more detailed and complete.

The UNI is collaborating very successfully with the module Veldwerk at Cocon. Watch the video for an impression of the possibilities.


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