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Easy and accurate digging thanks to UNI-Machine

Stay in control on every jobsite

Machine control is used to accurately position earth-moving machines based on 3D design models and GPS systems. This helps operators determine, among other things, the precise position of an excavator bucket blade and continue digging. You've come to the right place!

Creating UNI-Machine

UNI-Machine is in development currently. Together with Nijhuis Engineering we are creating, testing, adjusting, and once again testing the most user-friendly experience and interface. UNI-Machine is coming soon but already available for pre-order. If you want to get detailed insights, updates and be the first one to work with it on your machine, pre-order now.

Get a brochure and the full specifications

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Everything you need to be in (UNI-Machine) control

  • 2 UNI-GR2 GNSS Receivers

  • 2D & 3D GPS Control Box
  • Machine sensors Lift, Spoon, Bucket
  • Machine sensor Adjustment Boom
  • Tiltrotator Sensor Support
  • 1 year of UNI-Cloud & Support
  • 1 year of UNI-RTK Premium
  • Android Tablet & Cabin Mount
  • Survey pole and tablet holder
  • CAN Converter
  • UPS Delivery & Video Training

UNI-Machine, all of the above for only €17.995,-

Optional: On-site installation total package at Nijhuis Engineering, Dronten, NL +€ 2000,-

Extra discount for existing Nijhuis & marXact customers:

  • UNI-Complete already in possession and ready to use on machine  -€ 5245,-
  • Nijhuis sensors Lift, Spoon, Bucket already installed -€ 2475,-
  • Nijhuis sensor adjustment boom already installed or not applicable -€ 825,-
  • Nijhuis sensor Tilt rotator already installed or not applicable  € 1750,-
  • Shortened installation of machine sensors already installed –€ 1000,-

All prices are without VAT

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