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Large-scale GPS use possible thanks to the drawing application DiaFlow

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This article has been published (in Dutch) by SPIE Nederland in March 2021.

DiaFlow is the solution to draw house connections. This allows contractors to immediately process all data from the house connection, such as the location and dimensions of the pipes, but also technical data, including the material used, the type of connection, the changes made, and more.

DiaFlow is a SPIE product, which, thanks to its integration with marXact’s UNI-GR1, makes it much easier for contractors to establish a connection using a GPS surveu pole (surveying GPS). Previously, this was done with the traditional measuring tape and measuring from the façade of the house.

Thanks to this integration, DiaFlow is the first drawing application that enables large-scale use of GPS for further processing in the DSP (Digital Collaboration Platform) of

Jurgen Putman, project engineer at SPIE is satisfied: “This integration makes it possible for customers to take and facilitate the step to digital surveying.”

Thanks to the simple operation, the technician can now properly and easily establish the house connection between the main pipe in the street and the offtake point on the facade.

DiaFlow is suitable for recording all disciplines such as gas, water and electricity. Glass fibre, CAI, and copper are also possible.

In collaboration with grid operator Enexis, marXact and DiaFlow (part of SPIE Nederland), BAM Energie & Water is now using GPS survey poles to measure house connections.

René Douma, Managing Director BAM Energie & Water: “At last, we can digitally measure and stake out house connections with our GPS survey poles. Our technicians no longer have to work with a measuring tape. This is done at the push of a button now. No more takeover mistakes. It is nice to be one step closer to “very accurate” data and thus reduce excavation damage in the future. Another very positive step in terms of safety!”

marXact is both manufacturer and supplier of the UNI-GR1. The unique thing about this survey pole is the direct internet connection. This GPS survey pole has a direct connection to the UNI-Cloud from which GPS positions are retrieved. DiaFlow has now been made suitable to use that data from the relevant software.

Jürgen Everts is an account manager at marXact: “This integration shows that our receiver can easily be integrated into your existing work processes. Thanks to DiaFlow from SPIE and this new connection, much more benefits can be gained, starting with centimetre accurate data.”


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