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noviembre 2022

Bureau Hamers surveying with our UNI GR

Immediately data due to digital surveying for Bureau Hamers 

  • 4 min read

“Digital surveying ourselves fits well in our workflow, because everything is digital. All information is in the computer. If an executing party is going to stakeout, I can see the results or follow them live from the office immediately. That works nicely.” These are the words of Rick Hamers, garden and landscape designer and founder of Bureau Hamers. Our UNI-GR1… Seguir leyendoImmediately data due to digital surveying for Bureau Hamers 

Mapping road construction easily, BRRC does it with the UNI-GR1

  • 6 min read

Continuously improving roads is the way to go, according to the Belgian Road Research Centre. This independent institute sets out their own path and recently added digital surveying yourself to their workflow. They do so with our UNI-GR1 digital receiver and we’ve asked Ben Duerinckx and Liliia Pleskach how and why they came to this choice and, more importantly, how… Seguir leyendoMapping road construction easily, BRRC does it with the UNI-GR1

New(s) in November

  • 6 min read

Release Update – November 2022 This is a marXact monthly update for our clients! Hi, We have made it our mission to make digital surveying available to every field worker out there. To create the best possible personalized surveying experience for all of them, with handy tips and tricks, connections with other apps or software, and new feature releases frequently.… Seguir leyendoNew(s) in November

Applying BIM in the infrastructure 

  • 3 min read

It is long past time to move away from crumpled papers full of handmade sketches and measurements that somewhat resemble the existing situation for project preparations and meetings. It is time for a carefully completed BIM model to smoothly execute of infrastructure projects. All information available Clients such as (semi) governments and network operators work with parties such as contractors,… Seguir leyendoApplying BIM in the infrastructure 


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