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November 2022


In this penultimate newsletter of 2022, we look back at the many events from October that we told you about throughout the year. Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte, INTERGEO, bauma, and our own Demo Drinks. They’re all here. Don’t forget to register for the last Demo Drinks of this year! 

We provide an update on the progress of the development of the measurement app UNI-Collect and UNI-Machine, our own machine control. BIMregister published an article about the importance of BIM in infrastructure projects and the role of digital surveying, we wrote a customer case with the Belgian Road Research Centre about their experiences. 

Finally, we would like to introduce our new colleagues, Giuseppe and Tim.

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New(s) in November

Actualización de UNI-Solutions

We have added new features to our new surveying app UNI-Collect, including the new record panel with which you actually save points. It goes without saying that we will also continue to build and develop the strongest possible app for UNI users. 

The first UNI-Machine control prototype showed the centimetre accurate view that operators can have on the excavator bucket in the front, side, and top view during bauma. In the image above you can see the views, just like a colorful block of green on the left. These blocks were even developed and added to the screen during the show and indicate how much higher or lower the bucket moves in relation to the model. 

In addition, we are fully testing the radio functionality in which a UNI-GR1 functions as its own base station. When you survey in an area with little or no internet coverage, you can still measure centimetre accurate digitally. In addition to continuing to work on the tasks above, we are also working on 2023. We are now fully engaged in preparing and planning functions, tasks, and developments for next year. 

You can read more about that in extra newsletters, but just know that surveying with tilt becomes possible next year, among other things!

Back to the events


The previous newsletters focused on the many events we participated in in October. These were three multi-day fairs, in addition to our own monthly Demo Drinks. You found us at 

  • The Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte in Utrecht, NL
  • INTERGEO in Essen, GER
  • bauma in Munchen, GER

Our colleague Jorn wrote a blog about this, because there is so much to tell about! You can find the blog here.

The last Demo Drinks of 2022


And it’s time for the very last Demo Drinks of this year. On Thursday, 8 December you are once again welcome at the InfraCampus in Harderwijk for one of the following digital survey courses:

  • 9:30 – 12:00 Interested parties
  • 13:00 - 14:30 Clientes y usuarios existentes - 1
  • 15:00 – 16:30 Existing clients and users – 2

At the end of your training, you will know what digital surveying and plotting with GPS means for your organizations and tasks. Click aquí for more information and registration. We’ll see you soon!

BIMregister: applying BIM
in the infrastructure


BIMregister has published an article about the role of the BIM model for the infrastructure sector. The role of available and required aboveground and underground environmental information for parties will also be examined.

Up-to-date and accurate data is indispensable, so you keep the major project on track. Digital surveying is one of the available tools for this, where you collect the data yourself.

You’ll read more on the purpose of applying BIM with your infra projects aquí.

Belgian Road Research Centre

Caso de clientes

Continuously improving roads is the way to go, according to the Belgian Road Research Centre. This independent institute sets out their own path and recently added digital surveying yourself to their workflow. They do so with our UNI-GR1 digital receiver. We’ve asked them how they came to this choice and, more importantly, how digital surveying contributes to their goals for the future.

“The stakeout functionality is a real gamechanger for us. We can find points back easily and can select them on the map. The centimetre accuracy of the equipment really helps with that! It makes the survey much easier, especially when you go back to locations you have been before.”

Here’s their full story.

Hello, Giuseppe en Tim!

Noticias de empresa

Deze maand hebben we opnieuw ons team uit kunnen breiden! Giuseppe en Tim zijn inmiddels echte marXact-mannen en denken al na over hun eigen doelen.

Tim: “My goal here is to help people with centimetre accurate digital surveying. To answer their questions as best and fast as I can and allow them to continue in the field.”

“I’m just getting started and accustomed to the team, company, and products, but I already know what I’d like to contribute. Next to developing and implementing new features is coming up with smart ways of doing so”, Giuseppe adds.

You’ll read more on Giuseppe, Tim, and their experiences in this introductionary blog.

2022 marXact B.V.

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