The UNI-Cloud, where everything comes together

Store all data in one place

Un lugar en donde puedes encontrar toda la información sobre tu trabajo. Almacena, administra y vea toda la información o transfiérela a otras herramientas.

Intégralo con tu API

Usa nuestro API de UNI-Cloud to control the UNI-GR1 and integrate easily into your own tools or databases.

Disparo de escritorio UNI-Cloud

Obtén acceso remoto

Sigue a tu equipo en el campo, descarga o envía trabajo y cambia configuraciones para apoyarlos desde la oficina.

Estamos disponibles para ti

The UNI-Cloud subscription priced at €750,- per year, includes phone support making sure you can always keep going.

Obtén acceso a un demo del UNI-Cloud

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Personal data cloud for all your surveying work

Sincroniza tus datos y dibujos

No matter how many users are surveying at once, all data gets synced to the UNI-Cloud automatically. You are able to see the surveyed work and download data just seconds after it's done.

Conéctate con tu propia base de datos

Con el API de UNI-Cloud, you can sync the project exports to your own database automatically. Set-up the connection and get the data CSV or AutoCAD DXF with a pull request.

Gestión de usuarios y etiquetas

Don't worry about the right settings while you are out in the field. With user management, you match all settings to the user. Simply hold a tag against the UNI and you are ready to go.

Encuentra tu UNI

Siempre y cuando tu UNI-GR1 is online and in position, you can track the latest position in the UNI-Cloud. This feature helps you with planning, management and in the unfortunate case of theft.

El UNI-Cloud conecta todo en el UNI-Completo y te pone en marcha

order UNI-Complete for € 4995,- now and start surveying this week

Completely integrate centimetre accuracy into your software

Flujo de datos GPS con precisión centimétrica

Configura tu conexión websocket connection to your UNI-GR1 in the field, pushing the latest CM accurate position into your software. Or get it exactly when needed with the REST API and a pull request.

Sincronización automática de datos

Simply pull the logs of your surveying work into your own database using the REST API u obtenlos cuándo haya nuevos registros disponibles.

La documentación lo explica todo

You might have more creative ideas than we do, so check out the documento to see what is possible and get started by filling out your details below.

Empieza a integrar sin un UNI-GR1

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Estamos para ayudarte

Soporte telefónico personalizado

Included in the UNI-Cloud subscription is access to our UNI-Support team. They are available during business hours, making sure we've got your back when you are out in the field.

Asistencia remota

Presiona el botón de UNI-Connect and our UNI-Support team can take over your UNI-GR1, in both the front and the back of the device. They can fixe anything to make sure you soldier on.

Mantenemos tu conocimiento

Since we keep releasing new features weekly, we want to keep you on track. You are more than welcome to attend our eventos to receive training in becoming an expert in all new features.

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Lo que nuestros clientes dicen

''I have now measured a few works with the UNI receiver. My experience is that it works very simple. It works fast and you can easily create new layers on the spot. I do not process the results myself, but I send the file to the person who processes it for me and he can work with it easily."
A.J. Hoogendoorn jr.